sonic o ouriço Advanced Chao (Sonic Adventure 2 battle)

jayden091003 posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 02:06PM
Full Red Chao: Power + Power
Hydralisk Chao: Power + Swim
Volcano Chao: Power + Fly
Can Opener Chao: Power + Run
Sumo Chao: Swim + Power
Slicing Chao: Swim + Swim
Sea Monster Chao: Swim + Fly
Scorpion Chao: Fly + Power
Armor Chao: Fly + Swim
Nights Chao: Fly + Fly
Ram Chao: Fly + Run
Boxing Chao: Run + Power (if topaz, super sonic chao)
Life Form Chao: Run + Swim
Elf Chao: Run + Fly
Sonic Chao: Run + Run
Tough Curl Chao: Stamina + Power
Shark Chao: Stamina + Swim
Tall Chao: Stamina + Stamina

Getting these Chao works best with the Spotted egg

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