Eggman was on his laptop. He was looking at a big list of fast cars.

Eggman: Hm, what do I want? *Looking at a list of fast cars* Lamborghini, Porsche, ooh, perfect. An Audi. The perfect car for a person like me. I amor to run people off the road, and tailgate others for no reason while going over the speed limit.
Announcer: Audi. Arrogant, Uncaring, Dumb, Idiot.
Man 85: *Pushes a Cadillac off the road* That's what you get for following the speed limit!
Announcer: The perfect car for douchebags.
Eggman: I found it's location, seven miles from here. Let's steal it.
Decoe: Doctor, are you sure that's a good idea?
Eggman: Of course I am! Let's move!

Over at Sonic's place, Sonic was with Tails, Sean, and Knuckles.

Knuckles: *Showing everyone his new car* Hm, what do you think?
Sean: The Acura's nice, but I am going to miss your Viper.
Tails: That's why he sold it to me.
Sonic: What for?
Tails: A spare car, in case my bmw goes faulty. Plus, I want to experiment with it, and see if I can make it transform into a submarine.
Knuckles: Now that, I definitely want to see.
Sean: Speaking of spare cars, I got my '69 mustang back since Eggman killed Sexy The Hedgehog last night.
Tails: *Gasps*
Sonic: What happened?
Sean: It was at her place. We were having sex when he arrived, and shot her.
Knuckles: Tough luck.
Sean: It was not a pretty picture. I'm just glad I had my 500 on me when he arrived.
Sonic: So about that event I was telling you about at the drag strip, are you guys gonna go?
Sean: *Nods* I'm not sure if I'm going to use my Corvette, or the Mustang. I just did some changes to the transmission on the Corvette, and I want to see if I can hit 200.
Tails: Plus it's got mais control than the Mustang. You should stick with the Corvette.
Sean: I think I will.

2 B Continued
Eggman wants to steal this car
Knuckles got a new car