Sonic fã Characters Shock the Dog: A Hero's Journey (plot)

ShadowFan100 posted on Sep 09, 2013 at 09:11PM
For those who don't know Shock that well, he has his own series which I started a year ago, but I recently rebooted his first Saga. Here is how his journey begins:

Shock the Dog begins his story not as a hero, but as a villain. He is ordered by a Dark Force to help in his plan of plunging the planet into Darkness. But over time, he starts to question who he truly is: Villain or Hero? Could it be that he is being lied to? If he is, can Shock break away from this Evil or be trapped in darkness forever?

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over a year ago rileyferguson said…
Pretty good. You should give some evil characters and some plotlines too
ShadowFan100 commented…
Thanks! And yeah I planned on that over a year ago