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When it comes to the Sonic Universe you aren’t going to find much amor outside of the Archie Comics and SatAM that isn’t one-sided. The pinnacle of all this is the game continuity of Sonic the Hedgehog. While this medium has dabbled in various love-interests from time to time, they never lasted past one game, and those that were referenced were always interests and never sealed deals.

SEGA (or any developer handling Sonic) never seems to want to dare make anyone have an actual relationship romantically, even when it makes perfect sense. At this point it’s become annoying, what with Amy’s crush leading to… nothing, and the only potentially good romantic tension in 06 being erased from existence (not Elise and Sonic). There just aren’t any canhão couples.

Because of this, people have made their own pairings; couples that they believe should be. I am personally mais of a comic fã than a game fã when it comes to Sonic (or… was… *sigh*) but it’s only natural to have my own take on the matter.

This isn’t a topo, início ten list, but mais so just specifics. Obviously this will stick to JUST the games, and for the most part just the main titles as characters like Jet, Wave, Storm, and more, simply don’t have much character to begin with. I’ll be ending things with the big one (Sonic, but let’s have some fun before that.

Here are my Sonic Game Couple Pairings.

First up I’ll handle the one I’m not entirely sure with, which is Tails and Marine OR Tails and Cream.
I only include this one because I feel it’s kind of required, main characters and all. In actuality I don’t really think either girls are appropriate for Tails.

Marine is from a different Zone, and Cream is simply too young for Tails (he’s not eight, people. That’s just stupid.)but there are ways to look at this other than that.

If Tails and Marine did live on the same planet, I could completely understand them growing an attraction. While Marine is far from a technical genius, she quite enjoys trying to build things at the very least. Tails and his cautious personality contrasts well with her brash one, and they seem much closer in age and maturity than Tails and Cream. It would be a very entertaining couple at the very least, without a dull moment.

With Cream, while I quite dislike the character personally, I can see older versions of them being interested in each other. Cream is obviously not going to be into Sonic, be it because of Amy, or simply because she sees him as an adult, not a person of her age, but with Tails she can recognize him as a playmate in a sense. While they definitely wouldn’t have that kind of relationship at a young age (or shouldn’t I’d say), they both have similar mindsets. Tails is mais adventurous than Cream but they both understand the concept of safety. At an older age I think they could work.

At the end of the dia I don’t think EITHER is possible in the current state of the characters for the two main reasons given, but if the circumstances were different, I would be okay with either getting with Tails. I don’t really care what kind of reasoning developers make up to keep characters away because it gets to the point where it’s just unrealistic. Regardless, let’s mover on to the seguinte couple.

Knuckles and Rouge
Now many people can’t decide if this should be Knuckles and Rouge or Shadow and Rouge, and at the end of the day, both can work, but I decided Knuckles has mais of a chance. While in the comics I would say Shadow would be the better contender as we see much mais of him giving Rouge some conversational time, and Rouge showing mais genuine concern and care for Shadow, in the games that isn’t the case.

While Rouge and Shadow are members of GUN they aren’t so much partners. Rouge is often reaching out to Shadow but he simply doesn’t share the same sentiment, and most of the time Rouge is mostly just teasing, though she clearly is able to show concern for him. Their relationship is at its best in 06 (Depressing I know) but even then it’s very much Rouge caring and Shadow simply acknowledging, and at the most, appreciating.

However Knuckles and Rouge having a much mais PERSONAL relationship. Because of the master esmeralda these two became mais involved with each other, at first as enemies, but eventually as playful rivals, and even when as enemies in Adventure 2, the interactions between each other was very 50/50, while anything with Shadow and Rouge was almost ALWAYS about Shadow.

Whenever Rouge can, she takes a crack at Knuckles, but she’s also always there trying to pull him in, to which he will occasionally allow. The big turning point is that one relationship is mais pity and the other is genuine conversation and social interactions of any kind. Rouge CARES about Shadow, and she WORRIES about him, but she feels the same towards Knuckles and is able to go beyond pity, which is often why the two don’t outright hate each other.

I know neither interact much nowadays but that’s the developers ruining things again, which doesn’t help considering the Roger Craig Smith Era turning everyone into Cardboard and Knuckles into… I don’t want to talk about it.

If Rouge chooses one over the other, that’s fine with me, but this is simply the couple I think makes the most SENSE in the gaming world. Next.

Amy Rose and Silver
This is one that I won’t be saying “It can be one or the other”. Amy is never going to get together with Sonic, no matter how much she wants to. Now I know a lot of people would go “Amy would never give up Sonic” but let’s pretend the obsession made logical sense for once, in which case she’d get over it, okay?

Regardless of how obsessed Amy is of Sonic at any given time, she and Silver simply have mais in common. Why does Amy like Sonic? He’s cool. He saved her life. He’s a hero. He’s “chivalrous”. We all know that while that can be true, Sonic has very many times done things that Amy would consider unthinkable.
~In Sonic heroes he’d rather fight her to escape than marry
~In Sonic Riders he’s willing to let her get hurt if it means getting the jump on Eggman (even if the danger wasn’t that big)
~In Sonic Generations he flat out holds her head, pushing her back while she’s trying to get close to him.
Those are some pretty rude things and they clearly don’t match up with her image of Sonic.

But of course Amy ignores all that because she was saved por him in Sonic CD, and so all she wants to see is the guy who does whatever he thinks is right, and is always trying to make sure he knows it’s the right thing. Sonic never doubts, but while he certainly is heroic, and can be a very gentle and selfless guy, he’s not always a knight in shining armor.

Enter Silver. Silver is naïve, he’s gullible, and constantly making decisions without being completely sure of what to do. He wants to be a hero and do the right thing whenever he can, but at the same time he’s very hot-blooded. These are the qualities I think best balance with Amy’s.

Silver, while not the smartest, has a very innocent-like personality. He’s sensitive. He’s pathetic. In other words, he’s “cute”. Amy is a very young and impressionable girl, and Silver is an impressionable wanna-be-hero who just wants to do the right thing. Not only does this give Amy the idea that he’s chivalrous, but it also means he’s someone SHE can help. It’s very rare Sonic even WANTS Amy’s help, but once again, let’s look at 06.

When Amy and Silver interact, Silver goes along with her on her quest to find Sonic. If this were Sonic being tugged around on a procurar of Amy’s, he’d have none of it, but Silver, even with his pressing matters, is kind enough to let Amy help him, and help her in return, and Amy notices this; apologizing for not finding who Silver is looking for.

Their teamwork DOES eventually lead to finding who they’re both after, and Silver’s semi-gentlemanly personality helps make him seem mais likeable. Even if Amy is obsessed with Sonic, I can easily see that transitioning over time of being around Silver, and coming along to help “save the future” once again.

Honestly this would be a pretty charming couple to see pop up. It won’t happen of course, but it would still be nice to see. It would be a great opportunity to show the downsides and upsides to Silver and Amy’s personalities, and the conflict that would arise from it. Silver would be there to tolerate and support Amy, and Amy would be there to keep Silver from doing something rash.

I know a lot of people support Silver and Blaze as a couple, but aside from them popping up side-by-side occasionally without ANYthing else to support it, Sonic 06 was the only instance where it was considered a thing. Now I know I just used 06 as support for Silver and Amy but the thing is that what happened between Amy and Silver could happen regardless of 06 being erased from existence or not. Silver and Blaze could not.

Silver is from the future. Blaze is from a different dimension. Being from a different dimension is hard enough, but in terms of the timeline it’s even worse. But even with that, they simply have no chemistry. Silver only develops some feelings for Blaze in 06 because they’ve been partners for so long. Blaze however simply isn’t interested.

Blaze is stoic. She’s not interested in emotions, or showing weakness. She’s got her nose to the grindstone. Silver is almost the same, focusing on the mission mais than the morality, and only falls behind because of his lack of conviction and indecisive personality in general. Blaze simply wouldn’t be into that sort of thing, and Silver would most-likely embarrass himself and ruin his chances if he tried anything.

Amy and Silver are simply much more… interesting. When I think of Silvaze, I picture two people sitting in chairs leitura the paper. When I think of Silvamy, I picture two people running about on a holy crusade and knowing the other will stand with them.

It’s the typical high school couple that I would support but will never happen in the current state of the franchise.

Now I know some couples weren’t listed here, like Vector and Vanilla, but I don’t want to get into that. They don’t meet in the games (yet anyway unless I’ve missed something) but I’d rather not picture what might happen should Vector try to hit on Cream’s mom. Also while I could go on about something like Chip and the Ghost girl from the Night of the Werehog short, or Shade with Knuckles, those simply seem too far to reach for and without enough character context to give a full chance, though Shade and Knuckles I would say is mais possible.

So now without further ado let’s get into who I think would go well with Sonic in the games. Most of you probably guessed it already.

Sonic the Hedgehog, and Blaze the Cat
To me, this is the closest character we’ll get to a Sally Acorn for Sonic, which is simply the best combination. All others simply fail for me.
~Rouge is adventurous and risk-taking, but she’s cynical and selfish
~Amy is obsessive and intrusive, to say nothing of insensitive to Sonic’s refusal (though he’s just as much a jerk to her as she is to him, if not mais at times)
~Wave… Ha… no
~Vanilla, we’re not going there
~Elise, made a rant about that already
~Merlina, mais of a… sibling relationship
~Shaira…. Shara… genie-girl, emotional-cardboard-box

Blaze is essentially her world’s version OF Sonic. She’s fast, she is empowered with her own Powerful Emeralds, and she’s the main hero of her world. However it’s always the personalities, and circumstances, that make a relationship.

Blaze and Sonic are from different dimensions, so obviously that’s going to tie into conflict, but we see that Blaze is able, and willing, to visit Sonic, por her inclusion in Sonic Generations. She also holds a lot of respect for Sonic, which he shares for her, and neither is intrusive of the other; Blaze because she doesn’t like to be personal, and Sonic because while he might like to, he isn’t the type to push things like that.

However it’s because of this that they would grow closer. Blaze and Sonic in their interactions have been amazing teammates, and contrast very well in personality. Blaze is once again, stoic, and serious, while Sonic is cocky and adventurous. Normally these kinds of people would only come together if forced, and that’s what happened.

Sonic and Blaze met in Sonic Rush, and learned much about each other. Because of their interactions, they were able to get past assumptions of each other. Blaze doesn’t think Sonic is simply a clown that acts childishly all the time, and Sonic doesn’t think Blaze is stuck-up or not wanting to have fun. It’s an understanding.

When they see each other again in Sonic Rush Adventure, it’s pretty clear that the surprise is met with joy. Sonic enjoys Blaze’s company; he considers her a friend and wants to help her. Blaze enjoys Sonic’s company; she considers him a trustworthy and honorable ally, and wants to support him. It’s very easy to see them growing attached. Blaze would constantly be worried about keeping things safe, and Sonic would be there to wisk her away to some kind of relaxing picnic perhaps, and when Sonic is in over his head, Blaze would be one of the few people able to not only physically keep up and knock sense into him, but get him to pause a moment and consider what she has to say.

The only thing that would hold this sort of relationship back would be the circumstances. Blaze is a queen, Sonic is not royalty, and doesn’t want to be and visits aside, they ARE from different dimensions still. I think this would result in a GREAT conflict and drama, and I don’t think it would turn out the way that #134 did. If push came to shove, Blaze would most-likely be passive about it, and not want to interfere with Sonic’s lifestyle. She’d say no because of her position and because Sonic isn’t used to sitting still. Sonic however would enter the turning point. Would he give up this opportunity, or give up his casual lifestyle?

I think in the end Sonic and Blaze would end up together for the main reason Amy and Sonic will NEVER end up together; force. Amy FORCES herself. Sonic would never force himself (game Sonic) to Blaze, and Blaze wouldn’t force Sonic. It’s a mutual agreement formed por trust and respect and if one did start to show an emotional tug, the other would be kind enough to loosen up a little at the very least.

Does this mean I think they’d end up together permanently? Well, I don’t know. They could, depending on how easy it is to travel from dimensions for the game Sonic, but nothing is set in stone. However on the basis of actual romantic love, I can easily see these two as a couple, in coração if anything.

They are my topo, início game sonic couple and I feel no regrets saying that.

Now I would go over my favorito couples in the comics, but I’d have to say keep it to just that, couples, and not pairings, because there are CLEARLY people who will not, and will, get together with each other one way or another. Maybe eventually, but not now.

Anyway I hope this helped people understand a bit more. If you have a different opinion, that’s perfectly fine. Feel free to share it but please remember, this isn’t an attack on your pairing. Do I believe this makes perfect sense? Yes. Do I think this is how it should be? Yes. But if you think otherwise I won’t fault you.

Anyway thanks for reading.

God Bless,
Eat Pie and Prosper