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 Classic Sonic & Shadow c:
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sonic lay in a nest like cama in the
forest of ever green colina zone
sonic ran a way from início his friends
why he was changing glowing ice blue
sonic friends were made at him
will isn't it faker said shadow just don't come
closer to me said sonic with his ears going
dawn why ask shadow looking at sonic
who still glowing ice blue
why wood you went to I am a FREEK
sniff sonic shadow was shock what sonic
add just said that why I come here to be lone
for good said sonic what happen ask
shadow sigh I am a faker like you all ways say
I just found out this morning
I was crated a project like you shadow
I was crated in the ano 2021 I was sent to
this timeline por accident said sonic
your not a FREEK sonic said shadow as he
blush why shadow blushing thought sonic
no he can be can he
mm shadow do you like me
shadow turn a way blushing nod his head
sonic hug shadow blushing to
end of story 1
posted by lightingjolt11
19 NEO jr nuvem the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 9/in HIGHT 5.0/ageless/immortality
light gray ice blue quills like shadic
ice blue round his esmeralda green eyes
ice blue chest pele, peles like silver
ice blue marks on his arms legs for head
dark blue ice white inhibitor rings gold marks on them
ice white dark blue hover shoes gold marks on them
shoes like both neo and silver mix together
neo jr he looks like both sonic shadow mix together
mom sonic
20 josh nuvem the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 9/in HIGHT 5.0/ hermaphrodite
black ice white quills lighting
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Source: well Sega 4 maken Sonic. And peoplz who made this
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Me: Again, anything you wanna say?
Rouge: Could you make a sexy story for all of us?
SHadow: I want mais action...
Sonic: You know you want me shads*tease*
Shadow: *blush* NO i don't!
Tails: SONIC! How could you?!
Me: Moving on...

(Next day, 10:23 am)

Shadow and the red echidna met up in the park, the lush green thriving from the glittering lake nearby the entrance. The few birds who resident there chirping and tweeting, robins, bluejays, and gwees. Sonic had to meet up with Tails in central square, qhich was only a few miles drom where our two boys are meeting.
Knuckles faced the ebony...
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