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 Sonic x Shadow ~ <3
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sonic sat on his cama with a ice blue tube in his arm
full of ice blue chaos water blood DNA 2 quills
1 esmeralda blue ice blue quill
2 ice white ice blue quill
sonic add a mask on his face tubes in his body
the pod sonic was in was fill with ice blue chaos water
sonic add bin missing for 2 moths on is início world
sonic friends all given up looking for sonic
egg man add bin put in deep sleep por gun
the 6 chaos emeralds was with sonic when he gone
missing shadow add his red chaos esmeralda
he found sonic in a FUTURISTIC world in a pod
in a iron man TONY lab
shadow was shock he seen sonic after all this...
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sonic:y' shadow asked, where are we anyway?
rainbowdash, completly ignoring the pergunta asked scottaloo,
rainbowdash:they did wake up early, how much time do they have?
scottaloo:um...about 20 minutes.
rainbowdash:ugh, thats gonna take forever.
scottaloo:geez.demanding much.
rainbowdash:if you must know.....we are in a factory filled with rainbows and a happy place with sunshine.
sonic and shadow:0-0......wat?
scottaloo:lets just leave them.
sonic:wait!we still have questions!
rainbowdash and scottaloo ignored the hedghog and kept walking...
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not 4 little kids be ready when u see this Cause u can never go back
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"Sonic was walking around in the grassy feilds then suddenly Sonic was pushed,rolled in a ball and was under a black and red hedgehog

Sonic:Ack oww you know that flipin hurts.

Shadow:Why would i care?



"Shadow smiles"

Sonic:Shadow returned.

Shadow:Yes i have.

Sonic:Why did you leave you know it's been hard fight with you?

Shadow:Yes i know.

Sonic:Ohhh my head hurts...can you get off my private area it looks like that your screwing me.

Shadow:Oh that's the best part Sonic i want to screw you.

Sonic:No wait i don't want to be raped...

"Shadow grabs his wrist"
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