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Edward's Edge – episode 4
Katie's first venture into the entrepreneurial world may not have gone so smoothly. Now that she's the only twin in the village, Katie knows that it’s all down to her. She's missing Emily but her stubbornness and unwavering pride hinders her from realising or expressing her emotions. In Katie's world – she doesn't need anyone else!
She's nothing short of a warrior princess, and like all warrior princesses she needs a fighting wardrobe. Reminiscent of her 80s super bitch heroines, Katie embraces their power dressing wardrobes. Her awesome leopard print suit by Peter Jensen is homage to fashion's powerful women. And going it alone like Coco Channel, Katie teams this tribute with the iconic pearl necklace. But why have just one string of pearls when you can have eight? Too much of a good thing can be wonderful and Katie definitely know this.
Although Katie is up against real super bitches with Brandy and her mum, there is some consolation in the fact that they are never going to rival her fashion image. Vivienne is blinged and hand bagged up to the max, but its all fur coat and no knickers as even her designer bags are rented! (Courtesy of, an ingenious way to get a gorgeous bit of arm candy at a fraction of the price)
And what can we say about Brandy's hen night choice of outfits? There's only one place that does justice to a white andblue Bristol Rovers shirt… and that's on the pitch! Still, I'm sure there are some FHM reading boys who disagree, and I suppose some of them did manage to get away with it (and fuel a few fantasies along the way).
Edward's edge – episode 5
Now you all know what to do when your mum goes away… just turn the house into a club! It's less hassle than all that going out lark. And if you get bored of what you're wearing, your wardrobe is only an arms length away for a quick restyle, actually, on second thoughts, maybe not. Staying indoors wasn't much fun for Effy and Freddy in this episode. Even a jolly community carnival didn’t do much to lighten the mood – far too many skeletons.
Clothes weren't exactly the first thing on Effy's mind when her world spiraled out of control. But she still managed to pull out a few choice items from the stinking pile on the bedroom floor. When feeling paranoid, what better way to make sure you've got all angles covered than a pair of bloodshot eyes on a t-shirt by Horace (even if one is winking). And when the party takes a downward turn at least you can outshine them all in a jewel encrusted vest by Ashish.
Trust Katie to over ride any boring dress codes. Despite the party flop, she arrived adorning a feather skirt that wouldn't have looked out of place in the corps de ballet. Elegantly pirouetting out of there once there was the faintest smell of Goths – it's the patchouli oil that gives them away!
Feathers were a bit of a theme with Katie in this episode, and they reached a triumphant climax when she took her place as queen of the carnival. She strutted her stuff in a fabulous showgirl costume (created as always by my irreplaceable supervisor Jane Tooze and assisted by our new star in the costume department, trainee Tess Raggett). Katie and her band of ever so slightly fallen angels were set to take the carnival by storm until it all went a bit pear shaped. Effy needed Katie's help. So, in true angel style, she wrapped her wings around her and tried to take her to a safer place.
Edward's edge – episode 6
That was a bit jollier wasn't it? After last weeks downer, a bit of a musical number and a ukulele band was just what the doctor ordered! Still, the path of true love was never going to be smooth for JJ, and he didn't exactly choose the easy route through the woods. Never mind, he got the girl in the end, and her baby…
As always, JJ put his trust in clothes and put careful thought into each outfit. There is a proper way of doing things and JJ wanted to make sure that he played by the rules. So, for their first date JJ played it cool but suave in a casual blend of bow tie and cardigan by Fenchurch. All those summer afternoons spent wasted in his room with the curtains drawn watching old movies paid off. He summoned up the ghosts of Rock Hudson and Spencer Tracey and created a lounge look that would have gone down a treat in Vegas.
His beau stepped up to the mark to meet him in her New Look prom dress which was given some attitude with tough black accessories – Doris Day, eat your heart out! Shame they only went to a local pub. Still, they can dream.
Despite being carried on a wave of proper old fashioned romance there were a few hiccups along the way. However, when it came to crunch time JJ knew how to get the girl… through the power of music! The ukulele might not be the most obvious instrument to reinterpret a Spandau Ballet piece but with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain for support it worked a treat. Standing in front of them dressed like Mozart on acid, JJ won the girls heart, while dressed in an amazing tail coat / hoodie (a limited edition piece by Jeremy Scott for Adidas).
Edward's edge – episode 7
The nightmare continues. After last week's whirlwind romance, it's back to the dark horrors of Effy's world. For her own safety she has been taken away from everything she knows and dropped into a world of beige anonymity.
Even her clothes have been taken away from her and she is forced to wear pyjamas in a sickly pastel yellow which match the walls of the endless corridors. This is institutional hell and Effy is trapped in this Kafkaesque nightmare. There is only the chilling figure of Dr. Foster and his 'friendly' persona and whether it's a facade or not, by the end of the episode he has shown his true colours
The institutional life and the brainwashing by Dr Foster has its effect on Effy. When released she's ready to turn her back on her old ways. This includes rejecting her old wardrobe and creating a new one in the hope that (for once) she can fade into the background. Gone is the glitter and flimsy layers of old, replaced by a kind of tribute to Kurt Cobain and his grunge classics – washed out Levi 501's and plaid work shirts. Despite all reform, she's not letting go of her boots and sticks with her trusty brown Doctor Martens.
When she needs extra protection she reaches for her customized black jacket. A beautifully tailored boy's tuxedo jacket from the forties (a great find from Portobello Market) that she has covered with enamel badges over her heart. A mix of kitsch badges and Russian Revolutionary pins, this should protect her from any evil doers.
Poor Freddie doesn't know what he's letting himself in for when he agrees to meet Dr Foster. The sad, faded red roses on washed out khaki is another Horace piece that truly echoes the melancholy feel of this episode. To Freddie, the dreamer, who mounted his white horse to try to save the one person he really loved.
Edward's edge – episode 8
Well was Dr. Foster big enough to match the force of James Cook in full swing? He was never going to go out without a fight, whatever happened, so it's apt he was resplendent in a blood red Gabbici polo shirt, soaked in the terrace violence of yore.
Communal living isn't quite all its cracked up to be! Trekking back to Naomi Campbell's may not have been the best idea. Poor Pandora hasn't even got a bed, and if that wasn't bad enough she nearly got committed when visiting Effy on a mercy mission. Okay, so sometimes Pandora does like to dress in a special way, but there is a method to her madness and she's got it down to a fine art. In the end, brains will out, and Panda proves she's got what it takes when winning a sneaky place at Harvard.
Thomas's talent has come to the fore. Who knew he was such a world class runner? Leaving his DJ-ing days far behind, he burns up the streets of Bristol in classic, old-school Puma style.
Now that Effy has left her old provocative style behind, she's left the field wide open for all those wannabe's. So, in steps Arcia, who blinds Cook with her white trash version of Effy's impeccably elegant styling. There's no competition! Arcia's getting it all wrong; proving that there is a style for everyone, you've only have to work a little to find your own – don't just follow the crowd!
Naomi finally comes to her senses and realizes that she's got to fight for the person she loves and stop playing the tortured vamp. She scrubs up nicely and slips on a Kate Moss for TopShop tea dress and a vintage beaded cashmere cardi to lay her heart on the table for all to see .

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