por the way, i am sarahsonic1056 but i am the new file cause someone hacked to that account so i am going to keep the story up.

anyways, a few days later after the fight, every night, honey has had weird dreams and nightmares. actually, she had no dreams. silver got worried cause 1, the no dreams thing and 2, honeys eyes were black with light blue puiples.
tails aslo ran a scan on her and found somethng.

tails: guys!!! i just found out that honey is being...mind controlled por some one.

silver: who is it tails.

tails: not sure, but it is someone evil. so its either eggman or mephiles.

everyone thought it was mephiles and guess what. they were right.

mephiles made honey knockout everyone and made her take sonic, shadow, and silver. when she arrived...

mephiles: drop them and come here my s#xy slave.

honey (mind controlled): yes master. {walks to him}

sonic, shadow, silver woke up and saw controlled honey and mephiles, also they were tied to the mural and powerless.

shadow: what the #### is going on!!!!

meph: what happened is i controlled honey and made her my slave cause i didn't want to kill her for not killing you and silver and 2, it is the other thing that she becomes if job not done. the only way she will go back is if she kill you and silver.

sonic: then why am i here?

meph: cause i was gonna kill you now honey, kill silver and shadow.

honey took a sword from the mural and walked twords them.

silver: honey!!! snap out of it, he is tricking you, don't kill us!!!!! please honey, i beg of you DON'T!!!!!!

Meph: you fool, she can't hear you.

but meph was wrong, honey was fighting the mind control when she heard his voice.

silver: honey!!! i know you hear me, fight your way out of his mind control.

honey was fighting it hard and the controlling went away.

meph: you fool, you helped her escape it!!!

honey: stop calling him a fool....father.

silver, sonic, shadow: FATHER?!!

mephiles: come on honey, you don't wanna kill your father.

honey: true, but i know you would kill your wife which is my mom.

meph: ya right, like i would go that far (rolls up certains from behind her) turn around and look. {honey turns and see's her mom} see. i didn't kill her.

honey got real mad and attacked her dad, meph.

honey (yelling): you monster!!!!!! you kept her prisoner!!!!!! i never saw her for 13 years!!!!! an yet you keep her here!!!!! away from me!!!! i cant believe you dad!!!!!!!

honey was upset and she and her dad were fighting with weapons while the three hedgehogs were still tied. honey through knifes at the ropes and they were free.

honey: guys!!! go now!!!!

silver: i wont leave you here alone honey with him.

honey: SILVER. THIS IS NOW OR NEV....(honey get hit) oof.... grrr....

silver saw her and ran to her

honey: GET OUTTA HERE SILVER (hits him across the room).

well everybody got into a fight while sonic and shadow left.