Hi there, I am Silver the Hedgehog. I am a hedgehog that comes from the future obviously, and I actually came here to this world to save my future though I'm just ignoring it and saving lives. Okay, let's just go on with this already. Okay, so I'm the main character and Shadow is the segundo main character you can say. Let's go!


Dear diary, it's another boring dia here in the future. I thought that future life would be great but it turns out that it isn't. I'd amor to go on an adventure but Sonic is always busy and plus I think that he's just a douchebag. Shadow, eeh he's too quiet. So, I guess I should go somewhere mysterious por myself!" Silver once again wrote a new journal entry, now closing his small book and using his psychic abilities to put it inside his storage chest that he kept. Then, he flew around the robot-like city, though Robotnik was long dead so he couldn't take this city over.

Now, seeing Shadow skating towards him, Silver used his psychic to stop Shadow in place, pulling the hedgehog over to him. "Hey Shadow, care to go on an adventure with me? I'm really bored." Silver asked Shadow, scratching his head and letting him go. "Whatever." Shadow responded, rolling his eyes. Silver grunted, teleporting himself to Green colina zone, though it was white now. Shadow teleported himself along to Silver, looking around the unusual looking area.

"This place changed its color..." Shadow said, crossing his arms and sighing deeply. "Yeah, well it's the future after all." Silver nodded in agreement, floating around the area looking for something entertaining to do or find. Though, this hedgehog wouldn't probably get any luck so far considering he just started his adventure.