honey took her costume off. later at honeys house.

all: *runs inside and pants*

silver: *sighs* honey is gone for good now *walks away*.

tails: i feel bad for silver sonic.

sonic: ya me too. *sighs* so now what.

knuckles: uh... guys where's shadow.

at the haunted house...

honey: well shadow we should get back to my house now.

shadow: but i have a surprise for you honey.

honey: *gasp* a surprise... I amor SURPRISES! WHATS THE SURPRISE!

shadow: this *blind folds honey* okay now chaos control. *teleports to room with honey naked on the bed* hehehe *hops on her and ####s honey*

honey: AHHHH!!! SHADOW STOP!!! SHADOW?! mph *gets a ##x kiss from shadow* uh... *gets knocked out from s#x kiss* ...

shadow: *gets off her and chaos controls her clothes back on her* mph. well it was nice wait. *see's a camera in the room* oh sh##!!! great f anyone see's what happened in here including silver, i'll be f##ked up for sure. *grabs carmera* i have too... huh *hears silver* uh oh.

silver: shadow where are you. huh? cameras everywhere but that means hmm... *gasp* honey pulled a prank on all of us. nevermind. shadow. ah ha. shadow i know your in there *kicks door down* ah ha i knew, huh? honey.

shadow: what do you want silver. oh and if your wondering why i'm at honeys house and have my hands behind my back cause 1 was about to get going and 2 no reason *plays video of shadow and honey* oops.

silver: uh... *gasp* *see's shadow r#ping honey in the video and the s#x kiss*

the video stops and silver picks honey up off of the cama and storms out the room and exits the haunted house.

shadow: gr... oh great now i have to fight for the amor of honey.

scourge: *is out the window* really now its me verses silver verses shadow. arg...

at 11:30 p.m (at Night)...

sonic: we should all go to sleep

honey: ya i agree, besides *yawns* Dia das bruxas is tomorrow any ways. *goes to sleep*

all: good night!!! *all sleeps* ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzz...

morning at 9:50 a.m (at Day) later...

silver, shadow: *yawn* huh? gr... *turns and crosses arms* mph.

after Dia das bruxas was almost over... *sorry to skip a lot of the story but its was gonna be too long anyway but the went from house to house to house to house and got a lot of doces now back to the story*

silver, shadow, and scourge challenged each other to see who would win honeys love.

rules: powers are allowed, no distractions and don't break the rules.

winner: gets honeys amor and owns the city for a week. loser: the winner chooses what to with the losers.

Get Ready, Get Set, Fight!!!

the fight goes on for a while. silver needed to win or else honey will encontro, data a terrible fate forever and the city will blow into total CHAOS!

Honey: come on silver!!! *cheers for silver then the whole crowd cheers for silver*


the Fight ended, silver won, and honey and silver are together again. silver discarded the other stuff but not honey. she was all he ever wanted.