in part 1, silver and blaze formed honey the cat which is there future daughter (strange) but silver, blaze, and honey never knew (yet). also a exe was in this part and it was silver.exe and it might keep going for a while (maybe).

in part 2, shadow was called emo 2 times and Amy was captured por eggman but honey saved the dia but honey was knockout and got her powers back.

in part 3, after honey got her powers back she saw shadow and silver but mephiles was in there eyes and were mind controlled por him. she had to steal shadows powers and did a chaos spear at them. mephiles handed her a faca and she had to choose but instead she killed herself to save them from death.

in part 4, silver got a note from honey which is weird and broke up with blaze. when honey returned she kissed silver and she thought she was shadows sister. it is true. blaze turned to the dark side and tried to kill honey but tails came just in time to save her.

in part 5, it was dark but when silver left, honey gazed into the lava and heard a voice after scourge stepped out of the light honey explained why she was out here and then got kidnapped. silver, shadow, tails, sonic, and knuckles were ready to save honey the cat.

in part 6, honey was locked away in a dungeon. silver and his friends were in a cave where honey is supposed to be at but the didn't find her. silvers friends got kidnapped after hearing a evil laugh. silver and scourge fought to the death while his friends met honey in the dungeon and silver won the battle.

this story is not over yet cause part 7 is coming soon which is probable going to be between today and till seguinte Friday which is in a week.