in a few days sense honey died, silver was atuação like he loved her.... a lot!! he sat down with a frown on his face. a letter came in the mail and it was from honey. but how.

silver: what the. how is this from honey.

he read it. it said
( silver, come to the grave yard at night to see a magical moment. its about me okay from honey the cat)

silver: there is noway she is alive now? well, at least i can tell her what i have always wanted to..."

blaze entered the room

blaze: to what silver? what have you have always wanted to say to her."

silver: uh..... blaze its hard to say this but..."

blaze: wait are you..... breaking up with me silver.

silver: sorry blaze but...... i am cause i love.........."

blaze: who, who do you love"

silver: i amor honey the cat."


she slapped silver and ran out the door crying. at night time silver arrived at the graveyard.

silver: i wonder whats gonna happen."

he waited then smoke came in a tornado and then honey appeared in front of silver.

honey: silver..... you okay

silver: i'm fine and honey there's something i want to tell you."

honey: before you say anything silver i want

she kissed silver for a while. they stopped.

silver: wow honey. why did you..."

honey: silver i....i....i amor you

silver: you do.

honey: yes i do silver and i have something to say to.

silver: what. what is it.

honey: i was created and i was created at the same time as shadow.

silver: i didn't know that. but does that mean he's your brother honey.

honey: don't tell shadow please silver

silver: okay honey. i won't tell shadow.

honey: thanks silver. i'll see you soon silver

silver: okay honey

she walked away from silver. blaze was hiding in a árvore watching honey then attacked honey.

honey: arg who are you and what do you want.

blaze: i'm gonna get rid of you for real

honey: what did i ever do to you.

blaze: dating my man that's what.

silver could hear honey and he ran strait to her way. blaze knocked honey out and tied her up but it was lucky silver saw it

silver: blaze? what are you doing with honey in the bag, tied up.

blaze; uhhh i was gonna uhhh...

silver: i knew it your jealous and your gonna get rid of her to get me back.

blaze: yep and i will do it.

silver: no i wont lose her again.

honey: uhhh what the huh!! silver in hear!!!

silver: let hear out

honey: ya let me out

blaze; no way silver i wont let her out. i'll kill her and i wont stop until i have her dead.

she dropped the bag over the lava. she grabbed silver so he couldn't save her.

silver: blaze let me go!!!

tails: oi SILVER!!!


tails saw the bag and hooked it and dropped it down to silver.



blaze: dang it.