silver flies through the destroyed city por his psychokinesis. then blaze shows up with news that Iblis came and they approach to the location. during the battle sonic, tails, knuckles, shadow, rouge, omega, show up to the location of where Iblis, silver, and blaze were. sonic and friends see them caught in Iblis hands and something weird happened, silver and blaze were forming someone. a cat with psychokinesis and had grey eyes. she fell but silver almost forgot the she can save herself with you know what. she flew and destroyed Iblis and disappeared. "who was that?" sonic said confusedly. "mph. it doesn't matter who it is. what matters is how did it come" shadow said with an point. silver runs the same direction the mystery person went. "silver? where are you going." tails asked silver. "I'm following that person" he replied. in not a moment he was gone. the person stopped at the middle of the forest. silver saw it and watched. in a few seconds, silver and the figure heard something. "eheheheEHEHEHEHEHE!!!" they listened carefully and eggman showed up out of no where. "who are you. I've never seen you in my life" "does it matter" the figure said to eggman. (hmm this new person has some powerful energy. I'll have my robots grab her) "who are you anyway" she asked. "i am Dr.eggman. no mais chit chat new one. ROBOTS GET HER!!!!" the robots run toward her. silver goes find help but eggman spotted him and his robots grabbed him. "oh no" eggman fired a raio, ray at silver and drained his power. silver fell to the ground, feeling weak. honey looked at him *gasp* " i honey the cat will NOT LET YOU HURT HIM ANYMORE ERRRRRAAAA!!" she destroyed the robots and ran to silver. "you little..... grrrr" she went and busted eggman up and zapped silver with the same raio, ray gun. silvers powers restored to him. silver woke up and honey disappeared again. but she left a note for silver it said, "i welcome you from me saving you. i like to know your name. i am honey the cat por the way. meet me near the master esmeralda OK. the seguinte day, honey waited near where the master esmeralda was. silver showed up and they started to chat and honey knew his name was silver. a hora later.... silver and honey said goodbye too each other but they both had a strange feeling when they both left. a few days later, silver bought a computer game but the man told him he can have it for free. while silver was playing it honey knocked on the door. silver answered the door and silver said "oh hi honey come in" he went back to his game and silver felt strange. he clenched and talked in a dark dark voice and eyes were bleeding with red dots in it. honey felt strange of how silver was acting. silver.exe grabbed her, tied her up, and stuffed honey into a sack. then he tied it up and said, "your mine now honey (evil laugh)" "HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled loud enough that shadow knew where she was. he chaos controlled in front of silver and he saw the eyes. "mph, that's it silver.exe chaos...."huh NO WAIT!"..spear!!!" it hit silver.exe but blew up the bag. {BOOM!!!} shadow saw honey on the ground bleeding and damaged real badly."!" silver turned normal and saw honey. he had the same look shadow had "!". they ran up to her and checked to see if she was alive still. silver heard her coração beat. shadow saw her breathing. they knew she was alive. when she woke up she felt like the exe thing was a dream. she heard something "HELPPPPPP!!! Then she went. PART 2 COMING SOON.