I stare at the hedgehog that was infront of me. He couldn't stand still, he would look one way then look at me and then look away again.

Lakota: um... why are you here if you don't mind me asking?

Silver: I noticed you when you got out of the car. I came to make myself aquantied with you *looks down and starts to blush*

Lakota: well that's nice.

There was someone yelling. She was yelling silver's name propbably his girlfriend.

Lakota: oi silver someone is yelling your name and is coming this way *points towards the girl coming this way*

Silver: great here comes Blaze.*turns around to greet her*

Blaze: why are you over here?

Silver: I came to meet the new neighbors

Blaze: did you really come to meet them or did you just come for her?

Silver: Blaze go back to your house and quit fallowing me around!

She leaves with Ump and a glare for me. Happens everytime *laughs out loud*

Silver:*looks at me with a questioning look* is everything alright?

Lakota: everything is fine

Silver: excuse me but do you want me to call you the Ashley's everytime I see you from now on?

Lakota: *blushes* my name is Lakota.

Silver: that's an odd name

Lakota:everyone says that

Silver: so.... um..... want to hang out sometime?

Lakota: I would amor that

Silver: I'll see you later than?

Lakota: yeah you will

He turns and walks away. I watch him walk until I was foreshore that he wasn't going to turn around. I go back into the house and sat on the couch. I look up at the the ceiling and wonder why me?