Silent colina What do the Silent colina haracters think of you??

Vampisar posted on Dec 29, 2010 at 04:37AM
Okay here are the rules: NONE!!! You can cuss, express all feelings, and I don’t care if you hate it and want to send it back for me to reevaluate, just ask and you will receive. So fill out the form, and send it to me via email( ) and tell me either your E-mail or username so I can send it to you. Let us go on-ward!

-Personal info~
-Enemies and friendemies~
Game Character Enemies (note: monsters don't count, use ONLY characters from the game) :
Game Character Friends (note: Not real people, only game characters please!)
-What do you think about ________?
From silent hill 1-
Harry Mason:
Cybil Bennett:
Dr. Michael Kaufmann:
Lisa Garland:
Dahlia Gillespie:
Alessa Gillespie:
From silent hill 2-
James Sunderland:
Angela Orosco:
Mary Shepherd-Sunderland:
Eddie Dombrowski:
From silent hill 3-
Heather Mason:
Douglas Cartland:
Claudia Wolf:
From silent hill 4-
Henry Townshend:
Eileen Galvin:
Walter Sullivan:
Cynthia Velasquez:
From silent hill 5-
Alex Shepherd:
Elle Holloway:
Joshua Shepherd:

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Are you still doing this?