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posted by randomness2014
Yay its finally letting me do this (stupid internet) anyway chapter two

Rima's POV

I woke up immediately to the sound of the alarm clock freaked out from the last thing Nagi had said, "See you at school."

Weird, I feel like I only got 15 minutos of sleep, but I know I didn't.

"Morning Rima", Kusukusu chimed

"Morning", I replied

I got ready for school, then went downstairs. When I got down there my mom was talking to someone on the phone.

"Hold on", she told whoever she was talking to, "You ready?"

"Mhm", I answered slightly shaking my head.

Turns out my mom was talking about my dad with whoever...
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Ep.22: Hikaru & Fun Amusement Park!
Amu and Rikka bringing Hikaru to the Amusement Park in order for him to smile. He still doesn't smile and Rikka thought a way...

Ep.23: Oh, no! Rikka and X Egg?
In preparing for Graduation Party, Guardians are in Loyal Garden. Amu and others saw Hikaru cheering Yaya, who is afraid of being alone, up and felt relax, but...

Ep. 24: Believe me! My Pure Heart!
Amu and others went to Rikka's apartment because they heard something weird from Hikaru. They saw Rikka and shards of x eggs!

Ep.25: Dokki Doki (hiragana) no Dokki Doki (katakana)!! (Bumping strongly)
Amu seeing off those x eggs to their owners and when she got início Ikuto's there! She cannot hide her surprise, and they decided to go to the amusement park.

Thanks for tsubasalover@MAL, for these translations :*

Episode 25 is the last episode of Shugo Chara Party!
posted by chowjoyi
Voiced by: Reiko Takagi
Birthday: March 29, Blood type: B, allergic to pollen
Guardian Chara: Kiseki
The boy the same age as Amu who serves as the K-Chair (King's Chair). His alias is "Prince", and is Amu's amor interest. Whenever he is called "Prince", his character changes into a violent, egotistical king who wishes to rule the world. Because of this, he does not do Chara Change with Kiseki unless it's absolutely necessary. Actually, he too is a shy person and is not a public speaker. So he wished to become stronger and become another character, much like Amu. He, along with the other guardians,...
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Number: 5.
Japanese title: "Shūto! Batsu Kyara o Yattsukero!" (シュート! ×キャラをやっつけろ!).
Airdate: November 03, 2007.
Directed by: Susumu Kudo & Yukie Suzuki.
Written by: Makoto Nakamura.
Preceeded by: Episode 04: I'm The Trump Card!?
Followed by: Episode 06: Character Transformation! Amulet Spade!

SummaryNadeshiko and Amu watch Kukai's futebol team practice where Amu encounters Yamada, one of Kukai's teammates. However, when the coach announces the starters for the seguinte match a topo, início ranked team, Yamada does not make the list. At the match, Yamada sneaks away while feeling that he cannot match Kukai's abilities. Nikaidou takes advantage of Yamada's feelings and extracts Yamada's heart's egg, which turns into an X-Egg and hatches into an X-Character. Amu transforms and is able to purify the X-Character just in time for the coach to declare Yamada as a substitute one of the starters. With Yamada's efforts, the team is able to tie the game.
Number: 4.
Japanese title: "Atashi ga Kirifuda!?" (あたしが切り札!?).
Airdate: October 27, 2007.
Directed by: Miho Hirao.
Written by: Ryunosuke Kingetsu.
Preceeded by: Episode 03: Flaky and Fluffy, Leave It to Su!
Followed by: Episode 05: Shoot! Beat the X-Chara!

SummaryAmu protests to the Guardians about making her a member. However, the Guardians explain that while they have to do boring work, the Joker's responsibility is dealing with her own affairs and handling the X-Eggs. Amu receives the Humpty Lock and a pouch to carry her Guardian Characters. Nevertheless, Amu refuses to wear the...
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posted by Hoshi-san
Number: 2.
Japanese title: "Kokoro no Tamago!" (こころのたまご!).
Airdate: October 13, 2007.
Directed by: Hiromitsu Kanazawa.
Written by: Michiru Shimada.
Preceeded by: Episode 01: Shugo Chara Born!
Followed by: Episode 03: Flaky and Fluffy, Leave It to Su!

SummaryNadeshiko Fujisaki invites Amu to chá at the Royal Garden with the Student Council Guardians, along with a message from Tadase that he will tell her about the heart's egg. During P.E. class, the blue egg begins to hatch, unbeknownst to Amu and Ran, and Miki, Amu's segundo Guardian Character, peers out. However, after seeing Amu and...
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posted by 100crystalbell
Since chapter 38 I've come to this prediction that this will happen.Amu and Ikuto will both be confused of their new found powers but they won't fight evil stepdad (yet),than Amu and Ikuto will go back to their original selves and, Amu will go to Ikuto saying she is sorry or somthing about the way she treated him and stuff then Tadase will
go to ikuto and might say he is glad that Ikuto is alright.thats when evil stepdad will decide to
make his exit(like the b**** he is) telling Ikuto its not over or somthing.I don't think Ikuto wil go back to his house he might stay at Tadase's house and Amu may visit him.This is only my prediction but who knows what if some of this stuff comes true(shrugs shoulders) I say you never know. ^^ COMMENT ME PLEASE ^^