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Source: Yemi Hikari
added by yemi_hikari
Source: Yemi Hikari
Lets say you want to create a new versus pesquisa but you do not know if such a pesquisa has been created. I know I've been guilty of creating pesquisas that have already been asked unintentionally. But is there a way to avoid it? Here is how...

1. Go to link.
2. Put “link into the site.
3. Put in the three characters you are looking for and click search.

This will also help you to quickly find any and all pesquisas that deal with your favorito ships, but be forewarned that you may have to pick between the two. Also...

~ For who is best for pesquisas put in the characters name and “who is best for”.
~ Pick among the ## of choices can also be quickly googled to see if you are creating a new poll.
~ Topic threads can be found in a similar manner as well.
posted by yemi_hikari
1) While you are allowed to have an OTP (one true pairing) you are not allowed to push your OTP onto other people.
2) While debate is allowed, bashing is not. This includes characters and pairings as well as club members.
3) Ship versus pesquisas must have no less and no mais then three characters. For example, Harry/Hermione versus Ron/Hermione is allowed, but Harry/Luna versus Draco/Hermione is not.
4) pesquisas asking which character the voter prefers with a canon character must allow the pesquisa voters to add their choice unless the pesquisa is worded in a way that says it is out of the given pairings and mais then two pairings are given.
5) artigos must be categorized with the correct artigo Type.
6) frases are allowed, but taking an artigo from someone else is not allowed. Link to the artigo instead.

mais rules may be added later on.