Gregson dropped her off and she waved him goodbye. She went up the steps and stood in front of the door. She breathed out and placed the key in the lock. When she stepped inside, she felt weird. She went into the living room and sat down, Defiantly weird with out Sherlock. It felt even mais weird knowing the police had been through their things. She went upstairs to her room, everything was still the same. She decided that she would go get her stuff from her parents later. She was about to head downstairs when she heard someone come in through the back door. She took her shoes off and creeped downstairs. She peered round the corner and saw Irene
'What are you doing here?.' Irene turned round.
'I'm looking for Sherlock.'
'He's not here.'
'That's ok. I'll wait.' She went into the living room and sat on the sofa.
'Have not seen the news lately?.'
'I've been too busy, why?.'
'Hang on.' Joan went upstairs and retrieved her laptop, she found the artigo about Sherlock and showed it to her. Irene looked confused.
'So where is he now?.'
'He got a six mês sentence.' Irene placed the laptop on the table. 'How come you didn't know?.'
'I had business in London.'
'What business?.'
'An old friend wanted to meet.' Joan noticed bruises on her wrist.
'How'd those happen?.' Irene pulled her sleeves down to cover them. 'Irene?.'
'It's nothing.'
'Has your friend been violent to you before?.'
'I said it's nothing.' Joan went and sat beside her. She saw tears forming in her eyes, She placed her hand on her shoulder.
'Irene, who did this to you?.' Irene looked at her and saw genuine care in her eyes.
'He's not really a friend, mais like an employer. He hires me to do jobs for him.'
'What kind of jobs?.'
'Retrieve information, maybe steal a few things nothing life threatening. But when i don't get him what he wants, he gets....angry.'
'How long has this be going on?.'
'A few years.'
'Even when you were with Sherlock?.' Irene nodded. 'Why didn't you tell him?.'
'I couldn't. He would have had Sherlock killed.' Joan went into the cozinha and got her some tissues.
'Here.' Irene took one and wiped her tears. 'Look, why don't you stay here tonight?.'
'Sure, you can have my room. I don't mind sleeping down here.' Irene let out a chuckle. 'What?.'
'I thought you hated me.'
'I didn't like you but i see that you care for Sherlock as much as i do.' Irene smiled at her. 'I'll go sort somethings out for you.' When she went upstairs, Irene took out her phone.
'It's me. I'm inside the house. If i do this, you promise no harm will come to me?. I won't disappoint you.' She hung up.

As Sherlock got led into the prison, he realized he's never felt this scared before. He got led to his cell and door slammed shut behind him. He felt caged, like some sort of animal. The worst part was they took his ring. After a few minuets Gregson appeared.
'Never thought i'd see you behind bars.'
'That's a lie. How's Joan?.'
'I just dropped her off. She'll be fine.'
'I know she will, just keep an eye on her for me.'
'I will. You seem agitated.'
'They took my ring.' Gregson shrugged his shoulders.
'It was from Joan. I found it when i was packing my things. She wanted me to find it so it would be a nice surprise. I cried, for the first time since I thought i lost Irene. She means everything to me Thomas.'
'I'll see what i can do.'
'Thank you.'