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TimberHumphrey said …
i'll start making a few ovelha, ovelhas and lobos vídeos soon. i already filmed the first 5 minutos of the movie in its original Russian dub Posted over a year ago
LoneWOLF2272 commented…
its pawesome over a year ago
TimberHumphrey said …
still nothing on the U.S release of this movie? do we really have to wait for it to come out seguinte mês in China first? Posted over a year ago
TimberHumphrey commented…
from what i can find, it's probably coming to the U.S early seguinte year, i think over a year ago
tehrealkatewolf said …
The movie is up on torrent sites in russian. Don't know if or when there will be a english version, but hopefully we'll at least have english subs. Posted over a year ago