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i made this character . i hope u like it . (comment)
arte dos fãs
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*Sam's point of view*
as I was sitting in my cage I pulled out my ipod and saw that eggman had wireless internet and I watched youtube for a short while before putting the ipod to minecraft as the robot came and said"prisoner what is that your playing?"I told him about minecraft and he said"wow that is really cool
I've got to download this game"and he left without a 2nd word.then I heard crying and as I knocked on the cell mural a young girl's voice asked"who's there?"it was cream.I did my best blaze voice and said"it's me blaze"cream said"ms blaze your here"then another voice said"blaze your...
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Twilight's POV
I cried immedeatly. "Shadow." I said happily. Shadow struggled to open his eyes fully and wispered. "Twilight." Shadow managed a smile. I was so happy but asked. "Why did you take me away from the fight? I could have prevented all of this." I said letting a tear fall. Shadow wiped the tear from my face with his unbroken hand. "I took you away because I didn't want you to get hurt." Shadow sighed. "But I also didn't want you to see anyone else get hurt. I was determined to destroy that metal beast, whether it cost me my life or not. You're the being of peace, you coulden't bear...
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How do these 'humans' survive all this ruckus? Me and Sonic have saved them a couple of times, I suppose, but all of them can't have survived. Unless they were super humans. Which I doubt that's likely.

I kept looking down, seeing a flash of white every so now and then, as a car zoomed by. Slowly in my matter. After a couple of cars had passed, I looked up into the sky. It was dark, black, like my fur. It can't have been night already, last time I had checked it was the middle of the day. The humans down below were cowering helplessly, as they rushed into some buildings.
"Pathetic," I mumbled,...
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Sonic's POV
Soon everyone was in the hospital room and met Twilight. Rouge was talking to Knuckles, Tails, and Cream. Blaze, Marine, and Amy who was eyeing Sonic were talking. Silver and I were chatting also. Twilight was the only one silent. She was at Shadow's cama side. I noticed that. I walked over to her and said "It's okay. Shadow will survive this, he's been in worse situations." "I just don't want to lose him. I amor him with all my heart." Twilight responded blinking back tears. "I'm positive he'll live. He's a strong guy." I said with a smile. I could tell she wanted to be alone so I left for Silver. "Twilight is really upset!" I told Silver to start a conversation. "I agree completly!" Silver agreed.
Twilight's POV
Half an hora later. I was the only one left in the room. I put my hand on his cheak. "I amor you Shadow.I amor you." I wispered. I heard a groan. I imedeatly faced Shadow. His eyes were the slightest bit open. I gasped. "Shadow!" I coulden't believe it.
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shadow the hedgehog is awesome! its got so many choices for shadows future. but then the last story comes and you gotta fight black doom. im starting the dark storys. just so you know, i joined fanpop about 5 minutos ago. the game is so darn hard though, and it takes a while to beat it. the música is awesome and the gameplay is awesome to! my freind hates sonic so much and made this character named surge. my hedgehog i made is named cyro and he could kill surge por flicking. its realy anoying!!!!!!!!!! shadow could easily kill surge! so we made a game where you state your mover and take turns....
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Twilight's POV
Sonic picked up Shadow's body and chaos controled Shadow and I to the hospital. It diden't take long for doctors and nurses to notice Shadow. They quickly took his body and layed him on a cama in a hospital room. Sonic and I watched the doctors eject meds into Shadow's blood and hooked up equiptment to his nose and mouth help him breath. They checked his breathing and coração beat then ran to get medicen and muttered something we coulden't understand. I pouted a little and asked "I-Is he going to live?" "Only time can tell..." Sonic awnsered. I put my hand on the glass that seperated the Shadow from Sonic and I and hung my head low.
Sonic's POV
I could tell Twilight was just as upset as me. I asked Twilight if I could barrow her phone. I called everyone who knew Shadow and told them what happend.
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Sonic's POV
Tears ran down my cheaks. "SHADOW!!! NOO!!!" I screamed at the topo, início of my lungs. "You will pay Metcha Tails! YOU WILL PAY!!!" I said as I turned Dark Sonic. I kicked, punched, smashed, and crushed Metcha Tails into peices. I panted as I studied my destroyed opponent. I turned back to my regular form. I soon faced my highly injured friend covered in crimson blood.
Twilight's POV
I jumped off the building and ran to Shadow's body. I wept and yelled "WHY!? WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO ME!?" I remembered the times I had with him. And there wasen't enough to keep me happy. My tears fell on to Shadow's chest that was cut deeply. Then I asked the biggest pergunta I had ever asked. "I-Is he.....dead?" Sonic put his head on Shadow's chest to hear his coração beat. Sonic sighed with relief and said "He's alive, but his heartbeat is very slow. We need to get him to a hospital!"
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Twilight's POV
As Sonic was fighting I was shakeing with fear. Suddenly, I was picken up, then I was flying through the air in supersonic speed. There was only one person I knew who could run that fast. "Shadow?" I asked. Before I knew it I was at my apartment. "Stay there!" Shadow demanded. "But-" I tried. "STAY!!!" He yelled, and then he jumped out the window. Knowing he would be alright, I just sat down and thought. After a few minutes, I heard a shout. Then I knew I needed to help. I flew through the window and jumped from rooftop to rooftop. When I reached the scene, I gasped.
Shadow's POV...
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Sonic's POV
I was running through the streets. I was looking for my friend Shadow, when I bumped into someone. It was a blue and red cat. "Oh uh, sorry," I said getting up. "Oh its ok, have you seen a black and red hedgehog named Shadow?" The cat asked. Surprised I responded "Actually, I'm looking for him myself! Sonic." "Twilight. How do you know Shadow?" "A friend, you?" "He's my boyfriend." Twilight looked to her left. "What is that?" "What is what?" I looked behind me. About six buildings away was Metcha Tails. It roared as it walked along destroying everything in sight. "Stay there Twilight." I said as I charged at the robot. After about half an hour, I saw a figure in the distance.
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Hiya!!Just putting something I thought would be cute.I own only my oc's~Violet,Marble,and Cavern.Enjoy

Chapter 1+Lost in the mind

Maria Robotunike.That name haunted Shadow.Not in fear but in pain.He missed her,missed her so much he thought he would die.He remembered what her last words were.
"Shadow,I want you to make freinds with the humans,be happy."Maria said."I can't leave without you!"Maria smiled."I amor you,Shadow!"Maria said before passing out.The pod Shadow was in was activated."MARIA!!!"Shadow yelled.
Now Shadow was por himself,and he knew he was gonna keep her promised.All of a sudden he saw meteor like object fly across the sky."What the-?"He sped over to where it crashed.He looked around and and finally found it."What is this?"He said.He saw a handle and pulled it open.He was Shocked to see who it was.
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And who Knows, maybe you'll become a fanatic ^^

This was a repost. Dont denunciar it, im just trying to help people. The original was on House M.D spot. Credit to them. blablablablabalablbalbalblabalblablabalblablabalbblablalabalabblab and I hoped this helped.
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um sorry for it being so long hehe well on with the story

shade had just noticed that shady had gotten hurt
shade:ow are you alright walking though this cold snow and ice
shady: ya sure
shade:ok do you 2 know were shadow is
shade:oh dang well lets go find him
shady: alright lets go yay on an adventure again right shaddy
shaddy:may be
shady:what you talkin about
shaddy:well im just i just feel alone abanden
shaddy i just feel that way
shady:oh not again
shade: what do you mean again
shady:weve been here for a couple of mouths
shaddy:and have been looking for you
shade:but i just woke up
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ok ok i admit i for got were i left off ok so me restart if you dont like i dont care

so we start with darkly(me)
i was just looking though the woods for my family when...
dequ:hi darkly :)
me: oh its just you well hi dequ
dequ: what you doin
me: not much just looking for shadow and the others :(
dequ: not again
me: you didnt no what i lost
dequ: well im an orphan
both: sigh
dequ: can you tell me about your self since that is always your excuse
me: fine well it all startedon the ark shadow was with maria {like always} shade was working on his toy robot thingy darwen was trying to break free of his chains...
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