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i made this character . i hope u like it . (comment)
arte dos fãs
posted by gigitygoo
me shadow why did you bring us here
eggman my friend shadow told me you roubou some money
amy WTF i did not do any thing
eggman look for the seguinte 48 hiurs your asses are mine
*two robots come out and shock me and sonic and knocks us out*
eggman alright every one too their cells you two i have a very speical prisoner for you two
kuckles hi their sir i know what your thinking thats one hansome peice of meat
prisoner *walks too amy* your pretty
amy uh im gonig overe here now and i have a boy freind
kuckles *puts arm aroud prisoner* well it looks like me and you are stuck toogether
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posted by gigitygoo
Silver *walks into scrouges room* oi do you know any thing about a missing sack of cash
Scrouge no but i know bubbles BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES
Silver WTF im out of here
sonic oi william can i go too the bathroom
yeah sure
Sonic thanks man *grabs a bottle and pees*
Sonic dude the bathroom is like 20ft down the witch is 20ft too far when you are plaing vedio games
Me what ever
silver *walks in me and sonics office* oi do you know about the missing money
me no i never roubou any thing from this compny
Tails yo sonic can i bowrow the componey credit card
yeah here just...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
"Volt wouldn't just send two moron mercenaries if he wanted to take care of me," Kodi pondered as he sped with Jessy on his back. "What are you saying?" she asked. "He must have someone else to stop us." Kodi realized they were in Marble Garden Zone when he had to jump over a lava pool. Soon something blew up seguinte to him, causing him to trip. He looked up and saw a young, white hedgehog with short-cut spines, a red over coat, gold toed boots with holes in the gold part, a gold pistol, and a shotgun with a grenade launcher attached to it. "That must be the other idiot mercenary right there."...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Jessy ducked and Spike missed again. "Why are you so hard to catch?" he said in frustration. "I guess I'm just better than you." she replied. He dashed at her again but she punched him in the stomach, kneed him in the head, kicked him in the stomach, and headbutted him, making him fly back. His spines got stuck in a tree. While he was struggling to get out, Jessy charged up her most powerful attack, the raposa Bomb, and let loose. The all-powerful soco shattered the árvore he was stuck in and launced him across the woods until he hit Arqueiro across the field. Jessy aproached Kodi, who said jokingly,...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
"They are starting to irritate me. Initiate plan B." An X-Mel nodded and pushed a button. Down below, Kodi and Jessy were at the city limits. Suddenly, a tall and muscular porcupine came out and punched Kodi. A normal-sized appeared behind him. "Hey, that wasn't nice." said Jessy. "We are mercinaries hired to get rid of you." said the normal-sized porcupine. "We're gonna kill you." said the other one. The smaller one smacked him on the back of his head, "That's what I just said, Stupid!" Kodi, rubbing his face, said,"Who are you idiots?" "I'm Arrow," said the normal sized one, "I'm Spike,"...
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posted by tammav5
"well there was a battle here thats for sure..." i said to my partner blitz. "one heck of a guessing sonic?" he said looking at me. i closed my eyes and stood up. "its possible.". my name is ally. i have short white hair with blue high-light and im 15 years old. my partner blitz looks like shadow and sonic but he has dark blue and red fur. blitz's ears twitchd and i lookd over."shadow....whats he-" i started to say but befor i could finsh he collapsed!! blitz and i ran over to him screaming his name. "shadow are you all right?! what happend?!" i screamd. "ally,i think we should...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi made a quick slash, but Volt blocked, paried, and countered. "You may have the ability to copy skill, but you cannot be better than the genuine article." "Whatever that means, you aren't better than me." While fighting, they knocked over a torch and it began to burn the curtains on the walls. Volt went for a stab but Kodi blocked and disarmed him. Volt electrocuted his sword and kodi dropped it and Volt caught it. He then kicked Kodi in the knee so he dropped to the ground and Volt hit him in the face with his hilt. Volt put his sword to Kodi's neck. "Now I will kill you and my destiny...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi chased the airship with Jessy on his back. "I can run por myself you know." she said. "Do you want to run por yourself?" "...No." "Then don't complain." They dodged some mais energy bullets before they reached Central City. Finally the massive ship came to a stop. Kodi could see Volt exit onto a building. "Stay here." he said. He went to the building and saw the X-mels had taken hostages. He sliced two in half and decapitated a third. Four jumped at him, but he used a Cut Tornado and they all exploded. This continued until he reached the topo, início of the building, where Volt was waiting. "Why...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Volt decided he would become the greatest swordsman ever and wield the celstial sword. Then he would destroy Kodi. He activated the warship and robots and set off. First would be the Celestial Sword. He reached the temple and went up to Sheath. "I am here for the sword." Sheath looked at him. "But you know only the greatest of swordsmen can wield it." "And that's what I am. Hand it over." "I will not." Sheath pulled out his sword, a big, purple sword with a demon design on it. Volt took out his training sword and dumped the evil potion on it. It mutated until the blade was red, the hilt was...
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posted by ChaosGirl5
Shadow:*picks me up*
Me:*wakes up* What the--?!
Shadow:*covers my mouth*Shh...
Me:*muffled* LET GO OF ME!!! *MET MO MOF MEEFF!!*
(thrashes and tries to escape)
Shadow:Will you stop already? It's futile to escape. Your mine now.
Me:*bites shadows hand*
Shadow:Ugh! *lets go of me*
Me:*runs out of room and into living room* MOM!!!!! DAD!!!!
Mom:Erin what's wrong?!? What happened?!?!
Shadow:*walks into living room* Oh hello Kaito and Meiko *smiles evily*.
Mom:*pupils grow small* H-how did you--?
Dad:*choked up* B-but we--
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Sheath's theme. Song is from No mais heroes 2: desperate strugle. It reminds me of ocean palace from sonic heroes
posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi opened his eyes. "Whew, that was a nap!" he said aloud. He got up and noticed his skin was back. "I guess I'm not dead." he relized. Kodi put his hands in his pockets and strolled through the swamp. He thought about what was said before and decided he would be a good guy. "Screw Eggman! I'm gonna be a hero!" He looked at his GPS and it said he was in Mystic Ruins. He kept walking and reached a temple. Curious, he walked up the stairs to the top. When he reached the top, he heard the sound of metal clashing. He looked and saw a light blue hedgehog with lightning-shaped spines sword fighting...
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WHen lea is arranging a meeting with team sonic after the meeting is arragned 4 both teams lea & sonic decided 2 hangout
Lea:U wouldn't know what r captions think
Sonic:But i know what shadow thinks *smiles*
Lea:Even though u can count on team stormy *hands sonic a communicator* welcome 2 team stormy sonic the hedgehog *smiles*
Sonic:*kisses lea*
They were both making out
2 hours later....
SOnic & lea get back 2 the tower
Tails:Hey Heather!
Heather:Ya tails?
Tails:I heard that Sonic & shadows sister called lea do seem good friends
Knuckles:Yep amor is love
Sonic enters the room
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posted by swiftleap
Just remember everyone! You can post what ever you want in fanpop. Others who want to come onto fanpop just to cause a havoc, stop!
Also, my friend, I'm not saying who, she made a fanfiction and she's super sad because no one put any comments on it. Please, comment when you can, and make them positive! No one likes comments that criticize!
Another thing: Try to post as much stuff on something you're a fã of. Duh! It's what fanpop is for! But don't take credit of pictures that are actually from deviant art or artigos that actually come from another website.

I hope you find this helpful!
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