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posted by kimmy_wolf
It's been a week seance I saw shadow and it was driving me nuts!! Me me i have never fallen hed-over-heals for a guy befor ask anyone! Now he comes along and just stills my hart lick that its crazy! Blaze said im overreacting but i dont know. I think he is the amor of my life, but realy is it so crazy that he meat another gril were we meat so i just asume im in love.I went four a walk (call me crazy but i wanted to see him agin) I sat in the park and at sunset i went to my favorit place shure anofe after a wile their he was! he said that he was hoping to see me i said the same at the same time...
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Grace and the Beast of Shadow
In the speak of time Eggman flew away.A giant crystal fell out of Eggman's airplane.Shadow raced to a stop in a foggy yard. An old creaky castelo slowly greaked in the yard.A crystal feel to Shadow's feet, and it broke as it hit the ground.
"What the? "Shadow wondered.
Suddenly, a brokenly lightning bolt shocked Shadow over and over.He began to transform into a beast! Massive claws swooped out as shreading fangs splintered out.
"Aught...what tha ...oh sh..."Shadow snarled.
He yanked the door...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
They snuck their way into the main gathering place at the center of the plant. Everyone there appeared to be wolves, the majority of everyone was sitting on the ground. They wore masks with on odd symbol on it and tuxedos. There was a lobo woman at the alter where a lobo man was laying. The woman had a cane, a capa with an odd scale material on it, and the symbol imprinted on her hair. The man wore armor and had the same hair style. The woman began poring a chemical on the man. Kodi ran out of hiding and shouted "HEY! You guys the wackos that killed my zombie?" Everyone looked to see who said...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi ran as fast as he could across the canyon. Volt realized Kodi was on his trail and began firing energy bullets at him. Kodi dodged and kept up his speed as much as he could. Volt then dropped x-mels to slow Kodi down. The x-mels pulled out their laser swords and Kodi got flashbacks of Metal Sonic. "Okay, let's do this." Kodi immediatly slashed one in half. One tried to get Kodi but he countered. He killed the last three with a Cut Tornado and began chasing Volt again. Now they had reached Sunset Hill. Kodi got flashbacks of Jessy and decided to take a break to find her. Kodi found her...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi turned around quickly to see Meat. He groaned a greeting. Metal beeped. "I don't know how he got loose." Kodi answered. "Oh no Kodi," began Jessy, "what if he ate someone?" Metal beeped. "He says nothing is in his dietary tract and the last thing he consumed was beef." Metal beeped again. "He also says he detects brain waves coming from him, meaning he is thinking." "But that isn't possible. He's a zombie!" "I'm getting it too. Maybe, there is enough of his brain left for him to comprehend and think, and he just figured it out. I suppose he decided he wants to get vengance." Meat moaned...
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posted by BlackShadowC
Section 1/ watch your thought, they become your words

I was in the GUN headquarters, Watching TV with my team, Rouge, Hope and Omega. We were in the lounging room with 3 other soldiers, who were playing ping pong. Then the phone rang.

It was Sally Acorn, the ground squirrel. "Um, what do you need help with?" "The computer NICOLE has a glitch, could you come help, please?" She sounded ever so slightly suspicious, but I was willing to trust her. "Sure, I'll be right over."

the freedom fighter’s headquarters was not too far from GUN headquarters. Just a hop, skip, and a teleport away. It is a burrow...
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Bex is on a procurar 4 some1 & runs into shadow
Bex:Well well well Shadow
Shadow:Atleast ur a human copy of me
Bex:Ummmmmm yea....
Shadow:U took darisa & dakota away from me????
Bex:Ummmmmm yea.....
Shadow:Where r they??
??????:Stop this @ once!!!!
Shadow:*Protects her* brianna what the hell ur thinking u could have been killed!!!!!!
Bex: *flys away*
Shadow:Great now we lost her!!!!
Brianna:It wasn't my Fault I swear!

At the TS tower
Darisa:I'm gonna take a walk

2 be countinued.....
Its short i Know.....
posted by kodithehedgehog
"Yes, there are bats here. But what are YOU doing here?" "I detected an esmeralda here and came to get it." "How rude, barging into someones house, and now your trying to steal my emerald." "Fine, what do you want for it?" "The rest of the emeralds." "Hells to the no. Something else?" "Take it or leave it." "Fine, I'll fight you for it." "And now your going to fight a woman. The nerve..." The bat lady walks up to Kodi. "Will you at least tell me your name." "Kodi, how about you?" "My name is Rouge." And with that the battle started. Rouge fired a bat shock at Kodi, which he dodged and countered...
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posted by BlackShadowC
Section 2/ watch your words, they become your actions
We all went to the professor’s home. He does not live far, just the other side of knothole. His início is a museum, the historical museum of Mobius and beyond. His house is the small room on the far left, it is just a bedroom.
He was in his private study, in the back of the museum. We knocked on the door, there was no answer. We knocked again, this time he replied, “it is open!” we entered. Everything in the room was perfect, almost too perfect. He stood up and greeted us.
Professor salmoura, pickle is not that tall, only 5’ 10”. He has large...
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WARNING!: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ CHAPTER 1-3 DO NOT READ THIS WILL MAKE ABSOLUTLY NO SENCE! thank you. And to see the pics of the characters got to -wednesday's- or my photos

I woke up that morning feeling dizzy. I blinked confused as my friends weren't there. It took me a few segundos befor i woke fully and became worried. I jumped up off the cama "SASHA, WEDNESDAY WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!" i yelled in a worried tone. "we're over here!" was my anserw i scratched my quils that now shon a bright glolden blue color in the small amount of sun that shone trough the curtains. I walked in to the kithchen where...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi and Jessy arrived at a crosswalk across the rua from Club Rouge. "HEY SIS!!" said a voice behind them that made Kodi jump. Jessy replied, "Oh no. Hi sis." A raposa the same age as Jessy ran up to them. She was light blue instead of blue like Jessy, and she had a light green dress instead of green. Jessy said "What are you doing here?""Don't you know Night Babylon is the best place to shop? Heyyyy, who's your friend?" "This is Kodi. Kodi, this is my sister Sassy." Kodi extended his hand as if to shake hands. "You're cute, are you dating my sister?" Kodi and Jessy replied at the same time...
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posted by shadria
Everyone was looking for shadow.
Chris:hey guys we found shadow but he is in a coma.
Sonic:hurry we have to take him to the doctor. I will call Amy and the rest of the gang.
In Sonic's phone call: Amy hurry and come to the hospital bring everyone except cream.
Amy:ok. ends phone call.hey Evey come with me and get inside the car.
Them cream came.
Amy:sorry cream u can't come.
Cream:its ok with me take good care.
At the hospital.
Amy:what happened to shadow?
Chris:i found him in the back of the house all hurt.
Amy:oh is he ok?
Doctor:he is in acoma
Then they heard shadow talking.
To be continued
Shadow's POV:
"Then what happened?"
"Well, we were fighting... and I tried to get the robot to smash itself... but my foot got caught..."
"Well, it was about to smash me, when you came and ripped me free... putting yourself in the way of it's fist... saving me."
"Oh... then that's when I blacked out?"
"Did you think I was dead?"
"Yes... all I saw was the fist and the blood pour out from under it, then your body which was all mangled fell from it."
"Eww... that's nasty!"
"Yea... you still dont look like luck's on your side."
"Psh please, Sonic, I know that." I looked at the white bandages...
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First dia of school:
"Sonic show me the way to Ms.Roberson's class again I forgot" "ok" we walked to Ms.Roberson's class. I wanted to go there becuase iam the troublemaker. When i walked in she wasnt there. "where the hell is ms.roberson?" i asked. "well she been in this school too long so she might have been let go"Amy replied. "yeah your probualry right." Since no adult was in the room we were alll playing video games and listening to our ipods'. I looked at my watch and it was about to be 5 mintues before the teacher came.
5: We were all in our assigned seats
4: Our ipods' and games were off...
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Shadow's POV:
Sonic and I would always be the best frenemies ever. "Sonic-" I gasped, about to stop him as he ran behind Mecha Knuckles, but I shut up when I realized what he was doing. He was using the tactic we always used... getting the robot to smash itself! Yes! I willed him on silently as he landed on Mecha Knuckles' back and was about to leap off, just as the idiotic robot brought it's fist down... but he couldn't and he flailed in mid-air. Then I saw what was wrong... His foot had gotten caught in the slot... "Sonic no!" I cried as the robot's fist came down. Without thinking, I sped...
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posted by silvershady
STOP! If you haven't read chapters 1,2, and 3, this chapter wont make sense, read them 1st! But it still is very interesting!

Rocha's POV:
I once again came to the edge of that cliff, overlooking the city of Metropolis in ruins. The canhão was again ready to destroy the earth, and I screamed and pleaded for it not to. Then the shadow spread across the city, destroying the canhão and restoring the city back to it's original state. Then it leaked back towards me and turned into a puddle of blood por my feet. And a teardrop fell into it. "No!" I screamed and felt someone shaking my whole body, "Rocha!...
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posted by ShadowGirlLover
 Rouge and shadow
Rouge and shadow
Shadow was walking to Sonic's house when he heard Rouge calling for help. Shadow forgot about Sonic and rushed to save her. He quikly grabed her and took her to a safer place. Rouge said that she didn't need his help. Shadow said you would have been crushed if it wasn't for me. Rouge turns over to Shadow, you know your kinda hot. Shadow blushed. Shadow put his hand aruond Rouge. Shadow said your kinda sexy yourself.(Shaodow and Rouge makeout for a while.)Sonic runs into the both of them. Sonic says what's up. Shadow kicks Sonic in the nuts and runs away, without Rouge.
posted by Phantonium
Isn't it about time the haters stopped being treated like dirt? All the haters have to live in fear of you fãs and keep they're opinions to themselves because you Shadow Nazis fear rights.

In America everybody has aright to hate and have an opinion. And I hate Shadow.

You fãs threaten the haters, saying you'll attack them, I bet you would if you had the chance.

So now it's time to teach a lesson, never ever, mess with a hater.

You tried to censor us, threaten us, the list goes on, and you fãs act exactly like the Nazis, no wonder, Shadow is Adolf Hitler.

Well the haters aren't gonna take it.

Apologizing won't fix anything.

This is your time to pay. You may take this as a threat, but that's just you.

Have a nice day.
It was two week later and Shadow was início with Ash and Shad(the babies, dur) Sky was out shopping with Blaze and Amy.....

Shadow: Ash! Stop hitting your brother
Shadow: No no no no no, dont cry! Pleaasssssse!
Shadow: Okay you two im gonna go answer the door and when i come back... *raises voice* THIS HOUSE BETTER NOT BE A MESSSS!!!!
Shad and Ash: WAHHHHHHHHH!!!
Shadow:*sighs* *picks up babies*
Shadow: Coming! *opens door* Hi Ash!
Ash: Hi
Shadow: Hows it- *Shad bites Shadow*
Shadow: OWWWWWW!!!! Bad Boy Shad!
Ash: Babysitting eh?
Shadow: Nope these...
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posted by COFblaze
Name: Project Shadow
Nicknames: Shadow, The Ultimate Lifeform, The Black Blur
Race: Artificially-processed transgenic Black Arm hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 15; Shadow does not age(or 50 if you will because in the game it said on the last story 50 years later)
Date of birth: Unknown
Birthplace: o espaço Colony ARK
Height: 100 centimeters (3 feet and 3 inches or exactly 3.28 feet)
Weight: 35 kilograms (77.2 pounds)
Ability Type: Speed

Physical techniques :( 1). Spin Attack, (2). Spin Jump, (3). Spin Dash, (4). Jump Dash/Homing Attack, (5). Light Dash, (6). Chaos Spear, (7). Chaos Control, (8). Black Tornado,...
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