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posted by shadowsis98
Searching....As the wind blew through my dark messy hair,i looked around my surroundings feeling the pressure was mais and mais uncertain.It has been a some painfull years have i bared to search.......and suddenly i found them...what did i find actually ? to answer that such of pergunta was.....

" has been awhile"the dark ebony hedgehog greeted..yes,as you all may know this hedgehog is not an ordinary hedgehog..he was named with a name that a few may shivers upon hearing him..His name is SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG,the world's ultimate lifeform.

" have" i answered politely."where is rouge...
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 cody the hedgehog
cody the hedgehog
okay i know some of you guys imagined having your own sonic character but you did not know how to make one well this artigo tells you how first save a google image of a sonic coloring page then open it with paint then when your done coloring your character save it as a png pic and then you made your own sonic character using paint enjoy making your characters :D see the bottom imagens of two of my sonic characters to see how cool they look hope you have fun leitura the guide and making those characters of yours:D
 jack the hedgehog
jack the hedgehog
posted by Eizabella_Tiger
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*Nico & Molly are playing Wii*

Shadow:*Bursts through the door* I am your master
Molly:ok... so what do you want?
Shadow:come with me.
Nico:NOOOOOOO *Runs upstairs* I'm not comeing with you RAT!!!!
Molly: Yea She thought you were Sonic or something.Shadow: o...k then... *Chaos controls me to his house.*
Molly: Lemme call nico. *gets out phone*
Molly:Nico, where are you?
Nico: I'm upstairs.
Molly:Just to tell you, that wasnt sonic who said he was our master.
Nico: it wasnt?
Molly: It was shadow.
Nico: how do i know you're not lying?
Molly: Sonic's voice isnt that deep.
Nico: I'll be...
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dear diry, me and maria were driveing in the car to the hosptal. sonic said when maria gave me a wierd look I said whats worng? maria shouted the baby is comming! I called 911 meanwhile sonic was at the hosptal traning to become a baby delevry man when the hospatal phone rang. oi shadow sonic said I shouted JUST COME OVER HERE I said sonic helped with the birth to be contued in part 2 part2 is soooo awosme!!!! its got lots of fun stuff like amy in the seguinte part Ibet you cant wait for the seguinte part i bet youve stopped leitura this por now but... OK bye
Shadow and Musa were walking down the steps. They saw a city war. They MEAN business! Shadow grabs his gun and joins the war. Musa joins too using her electricity, thunder, and lightning. Shadow shoots the soilders but mais come!
Soilders: Get Shadow!!!
Musa: Nobody messes with Shadow!!
Shadow: *Shoots* AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
While Shadow and Musa try to save the city a giant rock dude comes and picks up the police car and throws it. Musa jumps and helps the rock dude. Shadow holds Musa close and teleports to the topo, início of a building. The two watch.
Shadow: It looks awesome..
Musa: Why....
Shadow: Cause fighting...
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Mepiles was haunted from watching barbie and Shadow was eating hot dogs. So they went to the fair and there was standing none other than *Drumrole* Eggman...(Ewwwww) It was............Barbie! Mephiles ran to the trash and threw up *Wait no mouth* Nevermind. Scourge came up and in his imagination he played the song "Baby come back". He put a rose in his mouth and danced with barbie. Mephiles still felt sick. Shadow turned around and as soon as he did a giant coconut hit him on the head. Then they heard a "MOOOO" noise while country música was playing.
Sonic came.

Sonic: There's a new roller coaster...
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posted by JazzyBReal
Attention: ole-plays are made to oblige to the other person you're composição literária with since it is a partnership deal, not to be a well-constructed story or a spot-on characterization of the characters.

In other words, it's best to not take this seriously, especially not like my other serious self-works. And if people like this, then they like it. If you don't, then this isn't the page to comment so - since improvement or change is not wanted, therefore your comment will be ineffective. This is just here because it's here, and I am not the only owner of this, so if she feels she needs to, she will...
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One day, Shadow walks through the woods he hears a scream.
Shadow runs to the cry. he sees through some bushes and sees a girl lying on the ground. Eggman's robots were kidnapping her. He had to do something.
Shadow: Hey! Leave her alone!
the robots look towards him and start shooting at him. then shadow pulls out his gun and teleports and destroys both robots. Shadow rushes over to girl.
Shadow: R u ok? *no reply* I better get her to a safer location.
he then picks her up and rushes her to a safer location from the robots.
He then puts her down. he then observes her...
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"Mmmmm... Shadow, the alarm clock," Tara mumbled as she buried her face in her pillow. Shadow slowly lifted his arm and felt around on the sidetable for the clock. When he found it, he smashed it to bits. "Shadow!" Tara said, the noise waking her up completely. "What?" he said, putting the travesseiro over his head. "You really need to work on that," she said, lifting up the covers and getting out of bed. "Whatever," Shadow grumbled. Tara looked at him upset, but then she got an idea. She walked through the doorway and went across the hall to Midnight's room, then to Star's room. "REALLY!?!?!"...
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posted by Vela-Nova
People often act like all of shadow's fãs are fangirls. And most are. But seriously; there are boy fãs too. We really like shadow too but we're being forgotten in the sea of fangirls. So please; if you're a boy fã of Shadow. Don't sit in the darkness. Let everyone know you like shadow too. You're just a boy.

And fangirls. This is not meant to hurt you. I was just trying to encourage boy fãs to speak up. I'm not asking anyone to change, but just try and speak up, it shows that you care.

And some people log onto this fanpop site and call the fangirls stupid (Frylock) well stop it! If you don't like shadow get off the site. A fansite is for fans. So don't come here just to spew insults.

First Shadow fanpop Article, Vela-Nova
posted by shadowgirl101
shadow oh i just amor him.he is so cute.oops.sorry about that i just amor to talk about shadow.dont you?i mean those spikes and those eyes and those shoes and those rings and those muscles and those...............................................................................................oh sorry maybe i should stop uh well if you want to take the risk lets talk.or you could come check out my profile.or lets be friends.please.i really need some friends to talk to.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
posted by shadria
Here is pt12
Rouge:ok lets go
(Amy, Maria, and cream get inside rouge's car)
Rouge:well i hope shadow doesn't follow us
Maria:he won't
Then they got to the mall
Maria:do we have to go to this store (freaking out leitura the store sign Victoria's Secret)
Rouge:its the only place we could get them it does have normal stuff
Cream:i found some pj's (holding a blue one and a rosa, -de-rosa one)
Maria:i like both of them
Cream:ok we will take both
Rouge:here r some slippers which one do u want(holding blue and rosa, -de-rosa slippers)
Maria:i like the blue ones
Rouge:ok lets take them. Now lets see where do we go...
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posted by shadria
Here comes pt7
Maria:we r gonna need mais time to get our rooms done
Shadow:its fine with me
Maria kisses shadow on the cheek and shadow blushes
Maria:ok bye
Then with the girls
Rouge:how about this room it has a door to the other room so shadow can see u whenever he wants to
Rouge:cream go get some quilts and sheets
cream:ok ms. Rouge
then cream comes with a pile of quilts and sheets and places them on the bed
Rouge:ok that takes care of the quilts now we need pj's
Rouge take out some of her pj's
rouge:i may be shorter than u but i always like it being baggy so my pj's r gonna fit u
Rouge:ok now we r finished lets go downstairs
At the kitchen
Ella:so maria u pick what we r gonna eat for dinner
Maria:ok i choose veggie pizza and for sobremesa vanilla ice cream
To be continued
posted by shadria
Here comes pt6
Rouge:how much time do we have left?
Rouge:ok now we need to hurry up and find u a room
Meanwhile with the boys.
Sonic:shadow and maria sitting in a árvore k-i-s-s-i-n-g.
Shadow was ignoring sonic.
Knuckles:dude its nothing to be embarrassed about
Tails:yeah we r happy for u know that maria is back
Sonic:he shadow want to hear the rest of the saying?
Sonic:to bad first comes amor then comes
Shadow kicks sonic
Shadow:GROW UP!!!
Sonic:that wasn't necessary!
Shadow ignores sonic.
Maria:shadow can i talk to u for a moment?
Sonic:ooo shadow is in trouble!
Shadow:SHUT UP!!!
posted by shadria
Here comes pt5
While on the plane.
In Amy's thoughts:i wonder if sonic would miss me if i died.
Sonic:Amy is everything alright back there?
At chris's house.
Cream:hi ms.maria welcome
Maria:hi ur so polite
Cream:thank u ms.maria
Rouge:hey shadow can we borrow maria for 30minutes?
rouge:so we can pick out a room for her
Shadow:ok but ill check on her when 31minutes pass
Rouge:ok u don't have to be over protective
Rouge takes maria Amy and cream with her upstairs and go inside rouge's room
Rouge:ok we have 30minutes to discus things about boys to u maria
Rouge:cuz shadow is alittle over protective
Maria:yeah what about it
Amy:he might simply try to make out with u
Maria's face turns bright red
Maria:what we aren't officially a couple
In rouge's thoughts:good that i didn't tell her my story she could blush even more
To be continued
posted by shadria
Here comes pt3
In shadow's dream:
Shadow:maria why did u hide?
Maria:can't u see they were following us
Shadow:but if we hide they might find us
Maria:i know but no one comes this far
Maria:i know u wish i was with u
Shadow:how did u know?
Maria:cuz u always Think about me well if u want me back go to angel island where the master esmeralda is and u could wish me back but that must be done today.
Dream ends and shadow wakes up
Amy:finally u wake up.then she explains how they can bring maria back. Then Amy calls sonic.
On amy's phone call:hi sonic shadow is awake come over here and bring the x-tornado.
Then they picked up shadow and Amy and headed to angel island.
To be continued
posted by girlyshadowfan
"oooo.." The whole class acted as if they were kindergartners. "oh whatever.." I started dia dreaming about my only passion and goal in life..singing. música is my life and always will be. "I want your amor and all your lovers-" The teacher stopped my por smacking the math book onto my desk. "Pay attention Shade I already know your grade in here." He walked away with he badass attitude. "Bitch.." I mumbled. The sino rung. Finally!! I thought to myself. I was the first one to walk out. Sonic catched up to me. "Shade you better step up because he's watching you." "like I care my mom always called...
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(Before I start, just to warn you. This may contain:
Sonadow and Amy sent out crying...)
Chapter One
Sonic quickly ran out if Eggman's HQ. Shadow right behind him. They stopped at the topo, início of the colina and panted until they caught their breath.
"Thanks Shadow, but I gotta run!" Sonic said.
Shadow just glared his red eyes. He turned his head towards the HQ. "What about Dr.?"
"He'll find a way to kill me," Sonic replied.
Shadow looked at Sonic. "What are you up to until that time?"
"Nothin'." the blue hedgehog shrugged. His esmeralda green eyes caught the black hedgehog's amber eyes. They stared at...
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Chap 1

one time shadow went on a encontro, data with maria and after the encontro, data shadow asked maria to marry him but the ring fell down the sink and sonic turned on the grarbage disposial on. "SOOOOOOOOONNIIIIIIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said shadow. 3 hours later sonic trew the cake on maria's head and ran out the door. then the seguinte dia maria went shopping for a wedding dress and sonic poured a two-ton bottle of coffe on it.
THen shadow tried to kill sonic and sonic poured acid on him.And then shadow invited tails. Tals just blew up his house and all the wedding supplies. Then he rebilt his house out of contcreate....
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