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The Seven Dragon Saints upon the Sky Palace are seven different lords of different areas.
The Water Dragon Saint: rules the lakes, the seas, and the ocean.
The Metal Dragon Saint: rules all the metallic objects.
The Earth Dragon Saint: rules the soil and the ground.
The Wood Dragon Saint: rules the forests, the trees and the vegetation.
The fogo Dragon Saint: rules the flames, volcanoes and magma.
The Darkness Dragon Saint: rules the night shadow and the Underworld.
And, most of all, is the Dragon Lord: Sky Dragon King, who rules the entire sky, the holy God of Sky Palace, controlling the winds,...
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Full Name: Saffron Sakya
Gender: Female
Appearance: Golden brown hair ties into short ponytail, bright lima, limão green eyes, a little short but cute. Outfit: White skirt, manga comprida, manga longa yellow top, brown flat heels shoes.
Age: 14
Personal Characteristic: Merry, funny, active, cute, intelligent and strategic.
Attribute: Haos
Bakugan’s Name: Freya Sunlight
Bakugan’s Appearance: A beautiful goddess with sparkling platinum hair, carries a artful crafted golden mirror. Summon Bakugan: Haos Europa (a white bull).
Bakugan’s Special Abilities: Mirror Reflections, Paradise Sun, Shining Shelter, Golden Mirage, Dawn Aurora, Aurora Borealis.
Gate Cards: Haos Reactor, Energy Drain, encantada Area, Charm Casters.
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Full Name Of Character: Virvana Ellis Shadowmoon
Gender: Female
Appearance: Silky black hair (shoulder-length), deep black eyes with raised eye slits, black leather jacket, crimson T-shirt, black thigh-length shorts (Fighting costume).
Age: 15
Personal Characteristic: Sharp and keen, mysterious and also cool brawler, bold and smart. She has a special ability like Alice: can see the future and the seguinte moves of the opponents.
Attribute: Darkus
Bakugan's Name: Gawain Nightrider
Bakugan's Appearance: A knight with armors and weapons. Often use with Darkus Pegasus as a Summon Bakugan.
Bakugan's Special Abilities: Invisibility Cloak, Reflection Shield, Hyper Blade, Shadow Sword, Darkness Dragon, Death Angels, Vortex of Doom, Warlock Casters.
Gate Cards: Death Note, Energy Drain, Darkus Reactor, Illusions.
The girl looked up. There was something in the sky that made her notice. She was sitting on a very high mural in the park, crossed-legged, and a small, black leather bag on her lap.

Next to her was a Darkus Bakugan, in a shape of a ball. He was Gawain, one Bakugan who had chosen to stay behind with his brawler when every one had returned to Vestroia.


The girl turned to him.

“Did you see what I just saw?”

“No-what is it?”

“A bright flash of light on the sky – and I swear it’s not the sunlight.”

Virvana flipped her raven hair over the shoulders. She’s a sharp and keen...
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And illusions.

The boy opened his eyes.

“Where am I?”

Two faces lowered to him, and as his sight began to clear out of the misty curtain, he was once again reunited with his old acquaintances.


Prince Hydron’s voice was shaky and weak, as he had suffered a large amount of wounds. And the pains, the horrible pains were tormenting him.


He tried getting up, but no use – he couldn’t even mais his arms for support. His face was scarred with terrible scratches. And blood streamed down from his cheek.

Hydron could hardly mover his eyelids, and the figures and he see...
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