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posted by ironbug
*years later*
Myia: * a beautiful grown werehog,in the fields* why can't I remember that pup I played with?
Shadow: *Hunting*
Myia: *Hears something* Huh?
Shadow: *killing a deer*
Myia: *goes to where the sound is coming from*
Shadow: *crushing the deer's neck*
Myia: Its....its you..
Shadow: *drops the deer*
Myia: *hugs him tightly* I missed you so much..
Shadow: *Hugs her back* so did I...
Myia: *smiles, and rubs her nose against his*
Shadow: *Blushes*
Myia: *giggles*
*they both starting to see each other everyday*
Shadow: *with myia, por the pond, with the full moon* Myia....
Myia: Yes Shadow?
Shadow: *Kisses...
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posted by myiahedgehog
It's a beautiful dia in the land of Camelot. Where the grama is green, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue, and birds are singing. The ruler of Camelot, King Aurther, and his Knights Of The Round mesa, tabela are having a very stressful meeting.

Percival: But if we don't DO something, King Alexander will unleash his power of darkness over all of Camelot!

Gawain: Percival's right! With all great respect, King Aurther, we have no choice but to attack!

King Aurther: I know that well enough Gawain. But you know why we can't attack Faria head on. His daughter will cast a shadow over Camelot.

Lancelot: Maybe...if...
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posted by ironbug
Alexander: *charges* I wont let you take my glory terror!
Terror: *knees him, and grabs him por the neck* I can rush, you know that
Alexander: *gasping for air*
Terror: *grins, and crushes his neck*
*back on earth*
Gigan: *flying through the sky* hmm....I must be close por now
Shadow: *ready to fight him*
Myia: Shadow, please don't do this, you can get killed!
Shadow: I rather die, then to see my only son die in front of me....if..i do die....please...tell our son...that im sorry...
Myia: *tears up* I....I will
Gigan: *shoots at them*
Shadow: *blocks all his shots*
Gigan: *lands* ah, you must be shadow,...
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posted by ironbug
*one mês later*
Shadow: *yawns, and stretches*
Shadanna: *Licks his head* good morning
Shadow: *smiles
Shadanna: *smiles* go play with our friends..
Shadow: *runs to the field*
Myia: *chasing a butterfly*
Shadow: *bumps into her*
Myia: *rubs her head*
Shadow: *rubs his head too*
*they both look at each other, glaring into each others eyes*
Myia: *walks to him, and sniffs him*
Shadow: *sniffs her too*
Myia: *licks his cheek*
Shadow: *barks playfully, and plays with her*
Myia: *runs from him*
Shadow: *tackles her, and they both roll down a hill*
Then, myia lands on shadow, and they both stared at each other...
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posted by ironbug
In a peaceful forest, there are two werehog tribes. One believes in peace, while the other, believes in violence. These two tribes never liked each other, and neither did the alphas. They were always trying to kill each other, but they can't, and now, they are expecting a little visit.
Blade: *with his mate zura, who's in labor* Alright hon...just one mais push!
Zura: *exhausted, sweating, and in terrible pain* I...I'll try...*Pushes as hard as she can*
*Then, they heard a tiny cry, as they see a the medic gently pick up the pup and embrulho, envoltório it with a blanket*
Medic: its a girl..
Blade: *slowly, and...
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posted by ironbug
Teletron: My Lord!
Gigan: what is it?
Teletron: It seems that shadow is a father to a baby boy
Gigan: an why should I know this?
Teletron: The child has mais powerful energy than his father!
Gigan: *puts the gun away* Your lucky I have pity for you
Sonic: *tries to get up*
Gigan: Boys, take care of this pest
Gigandroids: *aim their armas at him, and paralyze him*
Shadow: *holding the baby, while its crying*
Myia: Hon...I think he's hungry, do you need help?
Shadow: *sighs* Yes...
*his phone rings*
Shadow: Its sonic*answers it* Hello?
Sonic: S-shadow.....your...ngh....child danger! A robot wants...
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posted by ironbug
*deep in the cosmos, a evil tyrant is slowly approaching the milky way galaxy*
Gigan: *in his throne* Now, what weak world can I take over? *looks at the solar system* hm..*sees planet earth* Hello?
Teletron: Plant Earth, início to many heroes, including the ultimate lifeform Shadow the Hedghog, who possess chaos energy
Gigan: That energy is mine, and mine alone! Gigandroids, set course to planet earth!
Gigandroid #345: Yes sir!
*at earth, shadow and myia are expecting their first child*
Myia: *Nervous* Im scared Shadow....
Shadow: Don't be....once your finshed, we'll be a family*smiles*
*an hora later*...
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Shadow: I will sacrifise myself...
Myia: No! *hugs him* I wont let u die!
Shadow: *hugs her* Myia....I have no one..
Myia: *tears drop from her face* That's not true....*kisses him*
Shadow: *kisses her back*
Terror: *his tongue wraps around shadow, and it starts to shock him*
Shadow: *yells in pain*
Then, all of a sudden, a sword slices his tongue
Blade: I see you cant stop licking people Terror...
Terror: *His eyes become red*
Blade: That's right, I know what u want...revenge....
Terror: *charges at him*
Shadow: *not breathing*
Myia: *holds him, crying* all I wanted to tell you was that.....I amor u........
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Terror: *looks at u* well, aren't you a beauty? *a long, slimy tongue licks her face*
Myia: *spits in his eye* Don't you dare touch me!
Terror: oh, some temper u have..
Shadow: *trying to do chaos control*
Terror: Its no use Shadow, I have absorbed all your energy. U are drained completely
Sakuma: *slices his arm that is holding myia*
Terror: *roars in pain*
Myia: *takes two pistols out,and shoots terror*
Terror: *grins, and two huge missle armas appear from his shoulders* Now, stay still *his eye shoots a laser, aiming at myia*
Sakuma: *charges, and slices his other arm*
Shadow: CHAOS SPEAR!!!!*shoots...
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added by Shadowsister
Source: Le base And Le Me
Darkclaw: poor Myia, worthless, pathetic,useless...if only you can witness true power...
Myia: *grabs darkclaw's blade, and breaks it*
Darkclaw: *grabs her neck, and slowly puts pressure* any last words?
Shadow: *tackles her*no one touches the girl I love!!!!
Darkclaw: *smashes his head to the ground*
Sakuma: *charges at Darkclaw, and then, she slices her head off*
Windclaw: Seven claws! deadly four! we must we retreat! Lord Darkclaw is wounded!
*they disappear*
Myia: good, they're gone...
Sakuma: no, its not archenemy is coming.....
Terror: *lands in front of them, and he is huge compared...
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Myia: *injured badly, but not exhausted*
Darkclaw: *barely scratched* pity, your rage is barely strong enough.....
Shadow: CHAOS SPEAR!!!!
Lightclaw: *stops it, and absorbs it*
Darkclaw: *walks to shadow* you, you have something I don't....
Shadow: *tightens his fists*
Darkclaw: *puts her finger on his forehead, and takes his soul* that's what it is, chaos control, well, thank you very much for giving it to me.....
Shadow: *falls to the ground, very pale*
Myia: *gets angry, and charges*
Metalclaw: *elbows her to the ground* and stay down!
Myia: *growls*
Sakuma: *kicks Darkclaw in the face,...
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Shadow: *grins* CHAOS BLAST!!!!
Metalclaw: *sliding through the street*Myia: *smashes her to the ground with a gas tank truck, and a huge explosion happens*
Metalclaw: *barely scratch* hmph,,*wipes the dust on her shoulder* pity.....
Myia: *growls* I wouldn't look behind you if I were you...*then, a tank shoots at Metalclaw*
Metalcalw: *stops the bullet with one hand*
*back with terror*
Alexander: *staring at the sword of demons*
Terror: *walks into the dimension portal* earth......a stupid, wasted, planet with pitiful insects....
Sonic: i'll show you whos pity! *punches his face*
Terror: *barely...
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Terror: *sees Metal Sakuma carrying Sakuma*
Metal Sakuma: *drops her to the ground*
Terror: Ahh....Sakuma, daughter of Blade....whats wrong, robot beat the crap out of you????*grins*
Sakuma: *badly wounded* You...damn...bastard..
*Back on Earth*
Darkclaw: *fighting Myia*
Myia: *very angry* I wont lose to you!!!!!!!!!
Iceclaw: *walking from behind her*
Shadow: *kicks her in the face* you leave her alone!!!!
Myia: Shadow! watch out!
Lifeclaw: *wraps vines around her, and all of a sudden, spikes from, and they stab through shadow*
Myia: NO!!!!!!!
Shadow: *passes out*
Lifeclaw: ahh....the smell of mortal blood eases me...
Myia: *her rage takes over, and punches lifeclaw to a building*
Metalclaw: *Holding shadow with a blade to his neck* one mais step, and your boyfriend gets the claw!