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All The Things She Said - Bellatrix/Severus

MammaMia - Severus Snape/Bellatrix Lestrange

Severus Snape - Mad World

*SPOILERS* Snape Deathly Hallows video - Cahrity Burbage

Lucius Malfoy / Severus Snape - I wanna talk about me

"Just Bellatrix Lestrange has enough power to 'play' with Severus Snape"

Severus / Hermione / Bellatrix / Lily - "Sweet Sacrifice" evanescence

Severus & Bellatrix - poor Sev

Severus Snape ~ I cry for you

Severus Snape ~ Not one of us

Severus Snape~ Let it Rock!

Severus Snape - Fix You (Coldplay)

Don'tCha - Snape/Hermione/Bellatrix

Snape's 'Points of Authority'

topo, início 10 Severus Snape Sneers


Snape is.. Toxic

Severus and Lily

Bangtan Boys DH

DH-Severus Snape

Severus Snape Sad Soundslide

Half-Blood Tribute to Severus Snape

DH TV Spots 2-9


The Bravest man i ever knew

Deathly Hallows Parody

Severus Snape- perguntas

Severus Snape - Come Undone

Severus Snape -Albus Dumbledore // Shattered

Trailer 3

Everybody Loves Severus Snape

Severus Snape's Farewell

Severus Snape's Farewell

New DH trailer

Severus Snape Kills Edward Cullen

Ultimate Edition: Alan Rickman // Character of Severus Snape

Half blood Prince- Deleted Scene (choir,Snape)

Severus Snape- Take me with you

Lily/Severus I Know the Truth

The Prince's Tale- Severus and Lily

Severus Snape SCENES_ Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets

RIP Severus Snape//I Miss You

A tribute to Snape

The Actors of Severus Snape & Hermione Granger //Alan Rickman & Emma Watson II Good Life

Creating the World of Harry Potter-Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman - When I Kissed The Teacher - Snape

The Demons That I Face - Severus Snape [for Olive]

Severus Snape - Can't Break Me Down

Severus Snape- Hot Mess

severo snape

Severus Snape's Pop of The Ages

Severus Snape-Unchained Melody

[ep3] Snape / Lucius - Proposal - radio drama

[ep1] Snape, the Sex Master - radio drama

[ep2] Step por Step Sex por Sev Snape, the Sex Master - radio drama

Whataya want from me- Severus Snape

Whataya want from me- Severus Snape

R.I.P. Severus Snape

R.I.P. Severus Snape

Always - The life and death of Severus Snape

Always - The life and death of Severus Snape

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew - Ministry of Magic Lyrics

Severus Snape - All I Ever Wanted

Severus Snape - All I Ever Wanted

Deathly Hallows - Slipped Away - Severus Snape / Lily

Tribute to Severus Snape

Professor Snape, God of Sexiness

Severus Snape - Things I Regret

Severus Snape - Things I Regret

Ghost of You and I

Severus and Lily: Almost apaixonados

Severus and Lily How to Save a Life

Severus Snape and Lily Evans

Snape: Breathe Into Me

Prof. Severus Snape-I Don't Care

The Potions Master-Alan Rickman-Severus Snape

Earthquake [Severus/Lily]

To all the HP characters that Died

Snape vs. Snape

Sexy Severus - I like that

Oh my God...Severus!!!

I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today - Severus Snape

Two Bad Spirits...Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy

Outside Looking In (Severus Snape)

Severus Snape: Apologize

Severus Snape: Here Without You

Severus Snape Always

Severus Snape: Gone with the Sin

Severus Snape: The Lonely Hero

Severus Snape // coração of Courage

Severus Snape: Man of Mystery *Remastered*

Snape Gets His Sexy On

Severus Snape-Womanizer


Snape: I'm too sexy

Severus Snape, Our Half-Blood Prince

PPP - "School Is For Losers"

Snape Last Journey [Deathly Hallows]

Summer Wine Severus&Lucius

Severus & Lucius - Pain