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The fans pick:
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Yes, he was such a legend
No, he deserved it.
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The fans pick: The Word is no (1989)
The Word is no (1989)
The Coconut counting man...
The fans pick: Monster in the Mirror
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Sesame rua mural

FanFic_Girl_26 said …
I like Sesame rua because Jim Henson did an awesome job bringing Kermit to life on it the way he did. He is gone, but never forgotten... Posted over a year ago
Jib1001 said …
who Doesn't like sesame street. i kinda like this show and it's the most popular children's show of all time and it proably became popular than Blue's Clues. Posted over a year ago
pedalpunk57 said …
Old sesame rua is creepy! Can anyone cadastrar-se my plush adventures club please? Posted over a year ago