ScReW The quartet~

VKei_Addict posted on Jan 02, 2012 at 12:20PM

Byo: No way!!! I'm on a date with Mao-nii♪ Cheers ♪♪♪ Mao-nii's has light! We are totally matching~!!

Rui: Today I can't drink liquor (´・_・`) I'm hanging out with Mao-nii and chawan (`_´)ゞtoday I'll have juice.

Byo: Micchan mingle ♪ (Micchan is Mizuki ...)

Rui: Now that Mizuki is here, once again we are a quartet (`_´)ゞ

Byo: Eating is a waste !! Blue curry! Micchan is eating it non-stop (LOL) ( Blue curry →­ota­ka7­/20­080­826­/20­080­826­223­836­.jp­g ]

Rui: The curry has an incredible color ヽ(´o`;I want to try and fill Byo's mouth with cube's of bacon ♪(´ε` ) Micchan say Aaah ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Byo: For kids are getting really excited (^^) Thanks for the food Mao-nii!! It was so coo~l ♪

Rui: Thanks for the food Mao-ni m(_ _)m I feel reinvigorated ☆

Mao: There is still one day remaining to this year.

Byo: @::Mao::SADIE- Thank you for the food!! I want to hang out with you next year more than I did last year \^O^/ thank you so much for inviting me today ★ it was really fun ♪

Mao: Of course!! It was fun~!

Byo: \^o^/ Work hard today please! I'll do the same.

Mao: Let's both work hard on the last LIVE for this year!

Byo: Ye~s ^o^

Byo: @::Mizuki::SADIE- See you soon Micchan~♪ It was fun~\^o^/

Mizuki: It was fun! See you soon! Tomorrow I'll give it all at the AREA, FIGHT!(^O^)/

Byo: Shibuya Public Hall FIGHT! (^O^)/

Byo: Done with the kids gathering, going back home. Actually, I should be cleaning up my room …

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