Before I start, this is por no means an invitation to procurar for the exact website I'm referencing to and be mean to commentators. I just thought people would find this funny. Thank you!

On another website I posted a teste called "Which Slasher Killer is Your Lover?" because I apparently want to connect romance to people who murder other people, someone pass the bleach, and one of the results was Ghostface, which seems reasonable since he's a pretty well known face in the slasher franchise. After posting it I received extremely frequent comment and messages telling me that Ghostface wasn't the alias for the killer and that his name was Scream from people who I think get their Scream knowledge from 4chan. I had to go as far as linking people to Wes Craven's official website where HE wrote in the very first sentence you see on the page "A killer name Ghostface..." and here's the hilarious part... some people are STILL telling me I'm lying. So now I tell everyone who saw that page and thinks I'm still lying to email Wes Craven and tell him he doesn't know his own movie. Not being rude, just being blunt. Why would Wes Craven not know his own character's name?