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Bramblestar1 said …
I made a new fórum ! Make sure you enter it ! Posted over a year ago
Foxkit8888 commented…
enter over a year ago
Foxkit8888 commented…
*entered over a year ago
Icetail_love said …
MAKE A fórum PAGE OR IT WILL NEVER WORK OUT!!! Posted over a year ago
Icetail_love said …
I would also like to be
Midnightflower, A pure black she-cat with long pele, peles and dark amber eyes
Frostfur, A silver she-cat with darker silver flecks
and last
Greenleaf, a brown tabby tom with bright green eyes Posted over a year ago
Bramblestar1 commented…
Sorry, I can't accept Greenleaf, it being a season over a year ago
Icetail_love commented…
Okay, Can I change his name to Treeleaf? over a year ago
Bramblestar1 commented…
of corse :D over a year ago