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tslol99 posted on Mar 10, 2010 at 10:59PM
i think sailor moon should come back because i love the show and i think people love it to and i saw sooooo many petitions online and sooooo many people love the show so they need to look at this kind of thing every once and a whlie so if you love the show and want it back all you need to put is
the number you are (if you dont know what number just look at the reply before so yeah)
your name
and why you want it back (opition)

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over a year ago tslol99 said…
I'll start
1. Jenny
and i already said why
over a year ago -Alohomora- said…
3. Meibh
I would love to have it playing on the air again! It was cancelled so unexpectedly last time, and everyone wondered what happened to it.
over a year ago Kittencutie11 said…
4. Kitten
Sailor Moon is the best show ever.
over a year ago deathchick9 said…
I only saw parts when I was little and I want to see more on TV
over a year ago RionaFury said…
big smile
It's one of my faves from when i was a kid and i want my kids to be able to see it and love it.
over a year ago iluvsailormoon said…
Because it got so good and i never got why it wasnt on anymore....
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Because it was really good and they cancelled it for no reason
over a year ago Kittencutie11 said…

It was a great show better than what they now have on.
over a year ago sailorlove said…
yeah i only saw up to the rainbow crystals i stumbled across it on youtube and it only went up to episode 53 in english so count me down for number 10.teagan
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over a year ago bigfan08 said…
they sould make more sailormoon shoew
over a year ago TigerRanma said…
11. Michelle

Because it'd be nice, I guess.

Though you can just watch Sailor Moon online. I have the DVDs and I am currently watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on youtube, so I pretty much watch it whenever I want.
over a year ago williukea said…
12. Aiste
because i love SM and i am creatin fan made season 6 but i need help look my new theme and help me if you can
over a year ago inuyasha15 said…
because i like sailor moon and i want to see sailor mars again!

Mars power!!!!!! :D
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 13.Tayler because i like sailor moon and i want to see sailor mars again! Mars power!!!!!! :D
over a year ago williukea said…
14. usagi
because sailor moon is the best show and i want to see it on tv again in my language i missed it a lot
over a year ago DJ_DragonMaster said…
15: Nolan
Because Sailor Moon is cute and freaking awesome!
over a year ago AlarconHills said…
16. Alexandros Martinez
Same as biohazard_21; Season 5 in English.
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
big smile
17. Madison/Maddy!

My sister wanted me to do this for her.

18. Jessie!
over a year ago ben10000000 said…
big smile
i would like to see sailor moon on the air
over a year ago GeneRH said…
More Sailor Moon? Yes. Forever.