Usagi's sister
Serena had a wagon - full of ADORABLE stuffed animals.(they were really ugly)."Serena, wait up for me!" Rini had said running behind Serena and Priscilla."Who's she?" Rini had asked pointing at Priscilla." I am sailor crescent moon, Sailor moon's little sister."" Oh, well hi there! I'm Serena's future daughter!" Rini said.They were all walking down the sidewalk when Serena noticed Darien." Oh great, mais boy lover's drama." Priscilla said while Rini ran up to him too." Seriously! What do I have to do to get some peace and quiet here!?!?!?!?!?!?" She said." Well who are you?" Darien asked." first of all, I am sailor crescent moon. and segundo of all, DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" Priscilla scolded."well i'm sorry.It's a pleasure to meet you." Darien said." I'm not a big fã of boys. I'm a lone wolf." Priscilla said."Priscilla! He's my boyfriend, make a good impression!!!" Serena said.Now they were all going to Rei's house to talk about sailor buisness." I think it might be fun having a new soldier on the team!" Amy said." It might be a little challenging." Lita said.As they were walking home, they saw one of kusai's minions." This is going to be fun!" it said.