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I've been wearing my new white capa that my new family made for me almost everyday. Well, not to school at least. I just loved it because it brought back so many memories. . .
I sighed. Good and bad memories. . . it was a win-win I guess.
I was sitting in Biology, bored, since Edward wasn't here beside me. It was a rare sunny dia in Forks, and while all were enjoying the warmth that doesn't shine here too often, I can say I felt the opposite. Because the Cullens were vampiros they had to stay within their house to avoid being seen por the human eye, and I was stuck here since the sun didn't have the same effects on my body as their immortal skin.
I sighed again and just stared straight ahead since I was done with my assignment.
Then the hairs on my arms stood straight up and I smelled a scent I did not want to smell. Not today or any other day.
The scent of burning flames and a rich scent of lemons that made you automatically cringe. A dragon. Damn it! Another one? Where the crap are they coming from?
I stood swiftly up out of my assento and threw an excuse at Mr.Banner and I was out the door. Since I always wear my long black boots, I carry my dagger knives too, just in case. I decided to wear a white hoodie with black Polo jeans since Alice made me. They were good to fight in, and I'm glad I chose this outfit to wear today since all the others were not my style at all. . . mais like Alice than me.
I ran at inhuman speed through the forest to the threat. Then I saw the crimson red dragon, even bigger than the last one. But I was suddenly distracted por another scent, a scent so familiar and pure I could barely believe it was here and real.
When I heard the dragon roar its monstrous roar, I snapped out of it and focused on him.
It reared its head back and then released its violent flames at me. And in a flash of fire, I saw her. Standing within the trees behind the dragon.
Her black beauty shining in its casaco of midnight black pele, peles within the sun's rays and her unique spiral horn sparkled like that of vampire's skin in the sun. It was her, but it couldn't be. . .
Our eyes met, and I all but forgot about the incoming flames. Then Flicka got my attention back to the fight at hand por jumping on her front legs and kneeling anxiously at me.
With a rápido, swift and powerful wave of my hand, I banished the flames into the air and ran inhumanly around the dragon and stood right in front of Flicka, my eyes still large as I gazed at my beloved friend. I was just about to frame her long face in my hands when I sensed behind me that the fight was not over.
The dragon released mais flames at me and Flicka and suddenly the flames hit an invisible mural in front of us - and I knew then that my powers were protecting me.
I faced the dragon head on. I ran to it and pushed it backwards with my strength. With a roar, it crashed into the many trees behind it. But it wasn't over yet.
It suddenly whipped around and smacked its iron wing against me - smashing me into a neighboring tree. It then wrapped its long and dangerous tail around me, imprisoning me there in its deathly grip.
And then it happened.
It sunk its deadly sharp teeth into my left shoulder and I screamed as I felt the pain rush through me and the deadly venom spread through me like wildfire. Worse than wildfire.
It then let go of me - probably thinking I was fully paralized now from the bite - and prepared to andorinha me whole, but I caught myself. I stopped the monsters mouth with my hands. I locked my hands on the topo, início and bottom of his massive mouth right in front of me. Blackness was slowly overcoming me so I had to make this quick.
But before I could do anything, large bulky arms wrapped around the dragon's neck and pried him off of me.
I fell to my knees with my hands still in front of me, still in the same positions as the scent of mist and rain came to me along with a familiar soothing feeling that engulfed my every sense and I finally blacked out.

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