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Previously on Ch.51:

"And then?"
She shrugged.
"Then we just pretend to think it over and then say "okay", and let them off the hook."
Wow, I liked this idea already, surprisingly.
I smiled with her.
"Let's do it."
She giggled.
"Operation make Edward and Jasper pay?" she said, and I laughed at that.

Now, Ch.52:

"C'mon Alice! You have to get serious! They're coming!" I said to her, but even I was still laughing.
Alice was curled up in her fit of giggles while I was trying to overcome mine. And why were we like this? Well, turns out Edward and Jasper left for a short while to let us 'cool off.' Then they'd come and apologize, beg to us, as Alice predicted in a vision she saw. So, we were bored with waiting and Alice found a camera and decided to take an unexpected picture of me. Which made me take the camera from her tiny little hands and take an unexpected picture of her. Which started a war of aleatório picture taking. Then it died down, and we started taking pictures together. We posed, we laughed, and laughed. . .
"Alice, serious." I stressed in between my laughter. Man, why can't I stop laughing?
She looked at me, for once not laughing, and then burst out laughing again.
"Okay, okay. . ." she said, standing up with me.
"Serious. . . we have to be angry. . . or else your husband is going to know something's up," I said.
"Right!" she coached, her face growing serious while I very easily grew angry. It was actually quite easy for me. . .
Then we heard the front door open.
"Oh joy! They're back!" Alice pretended to scowl as we heard them approaching.
I could actually hear them cringe before they made their way up the stairs and stood before Alice's door. We then heard soft, tentative knocks.
Alice turned to me and I nodded.
"Come in," I said simply.
The door opened, and in came Edward and Jasper, both looking immensely guilty with their heads bowed.
I saw Alice cruz her arms so I did the same.
"Well?" Alice asked.
Jasper and Edward gave each other a glance before they both abruptly dropped down to their knees. Whoa.
"Alice. . . Bella. . . We're both terribly sorry for what we did," Edward spoke apologetically.
"Can you forgive us?" Jasper asked, both hopeful and pleading.
This time Alice and I shared a glance, we both wanted to just forgive them so they could stop feeling bad. . . but I could also tell that Alice had something else in stored.
"We'll forgive you. . . but their are conditions," Alice was back to being mischief for it laced her tone.
Both Edward's and Jasper's heads shot up with hope but their expressions were weary as Alice continued.
"First, unlimited shopping. Second, you will do whatever we say for the rest of the month," she declared, Alice could be so evil sometimes. . .
"All right," They both agreed and stood up.
Edward instantly came to me while Jasper went to Alice.
"I'm so sorry, love." Edward whispered to me as he wrapped his arms around me and gently kissed my lips.
"It's okay, you didn't mean to." I told him while I kissed his neck.
"But you seemed so angry. . ." he said in a low voice and I looked up at him and touched his cheek.
"I was, but I'm over it now," I offered him a smile, hoping he would smile too.
He smiled back and held me closer to him.

"Bella!" I heard Alice shout from downstairs. Everyone was início now and Edward took me up to his room so he could "have me all to himself." I smiled. But then he left not too long ago, because he said Alice needed him for something. . .
I got up and started walking downstairs to see what the pixie would want from me. . . and was shocked as I stopped at the topo, início of their magnificent staircase.
The entire Cullen family was standing at the bottom with big smiles on their faces around a very finished and even more perfect design of my old white cloak. It was the exact image of it.
I stood there marveling as I heard the distant words of Mother Confessor in my ear, You will be loved por yet a greater family than us. I could even feel her tender kiss on my forehead. . .
And then I began to cry, and I fell down in my heavy emotions of happiness and sadness. I then felt several pairs of arms go around me and I felt the greatest love. The amor of a family.
I cried a little mais after that until I felt the strong desire to try on my white capa once again.

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