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*Bella's POV

After Alice's little outburst, she started ordering stuff online to "re-make" my old white cloak. I was excited about it, but the white outfit that I once wore was one of a kind. I was given it por the Confessors. . .
"So you're in amor with him?" Tanya asked, it was just me and the rest of the Denali's now. We were all outside because Alice ruthlessly demanded everyone to get out of the house while she set everything up. The rest of the Cullen's ventured off. . . some going to the store to get something and others going hunting.
"Yeah, I am." I told them. They had all seen the amor between Edward and I.
"I'm so happy for you!" Carmen beamed excitingly.
"You guys make such a great couple!" Irina said with Kate agreeing with her.
"I'm happy that you both found each other," Eleazor said and I nodded.
"I am too."

The Denali's soon departed, claiming they had to be somewhere soon.
"Bella! Can you come here a sec?" I heard Alice call and I walked into the house, and nearly ran straight into a mannequin. What the hell?
"Over here!" she yelled, and I saw her - barely, because of all the mannequins here - kneeling down stitching something that was on the mannequin.
"What's up with all the mannequin's?" I asked, I mean, where did she even get them?
She smirked, but otherwise ignored my question.
"Come here."
"Coming," I said, and quickly crossed over to her.
"How does this look?" she asked as soon as she threw off a white sheet that was concealing the mannequin she was working on.
"Oh, Alice. . ." I marveled. I couldn't help it. There, on the mannequin, was a perfect replica of my old white cloak.
Alice was beaming.
"Well it was hard finding everything for it, that's the reason for all of the different mannequins," Alice told me, and I had to hug her.
She giggled as we embraced a sisterly hug.
Just then, the front door flew wide open and in came Edward and Jasper. Both running - mais like playfully fighting - and not paying attention. They hit and fell on the first mannequin that I had almost bumped into as well. And then I watched the scene play before my eyes.
The mannequin they had fell on bumped into the seguinte one behind it and then the next, and next, and next. . . Well, basically they all started toppling over like a line of dominoes since Alice had them all aligned in that particular fashion. What I didn't expect was for the mannequin that had my perfectly designed white capa to knock over as well and out the opened window beside it.
"No!" Alice and I both shrieked in horror as we rushed to the window and looked out.
And there, lying in a HUGE puddle of mud and water, was my white capa that Alice worked so hard on.
"It's ruined!" Alice shrieked, still in horror that quickly turned into anger as she swiftly turned back around at blinding speed.
I turned around as well, matching her anger. Edward and Jasper, who were still on the floor, had their mouths gaping wide in shock. Both Alice and I were mad, but I decided to let Alice voice it.
"You imbeciles!" she screamed at them, and I saw the both of them flinch out of there shock. Alice then just huffed with a sharp growl and I glared at Edward as I followed Alice into her bedroom.
When we were both in, she slammed the door shut with another huff.
"I cannot believe that they just did that!" Alice was still fuming, "After all of my hard work!"
"I know, it was really special. . ." I murmured, saddened now por the loss of the perfect replica of my ancient battle and traveling outfit. I sat on her cama with a sigh.
Alice started thinking hard on something while I just waited for her to get done thinking. And when she did, the familiar mischevious smile played across her face.
"What now?" I asked, on guard.
She came to sit por me and looked around her cautiously.
"I know a way to get back at them," she whispered to me, probably so Edward and Jasper won't overhear. "But I need to make sure of something first. . ."
She chewed on her lip, all mischief gone from her features.
"Are you really mad at Edward? Because I don't feel so mad at Jasper anymore. . ." she whispered quietly, obviously sorry now that she blew up on him earlier. I felt bad for her now, Alice never got mad at or upset with Jasper. . . it must be hard on her. . . and probably hard on Jasper too, knowing him. . .
And now I was starting to feel bad for glaring at Edward. . . ugh! He must feel really bad. . .
I sighed.
"No, now that you mention it. I'm not really angry at him. . . it was an accident," I whispered back to her.
She grinned, back to being mischief.
"But they did ruin your outfit."
"Yes," I agreed.
"So. . . wanna mak'em beg?" she asked, truly mischief now.
"Huh?" Beg?
"You know. . . Rose and I do it from time to time too, but anyway, we act like we're still mad at them until they beg for our forgiveness."
"And then?"
She shrugged.
"Then we just pretend to think it over and then say 'okay', and let them off the hook."
Wow, I liked this idea already, surprisingly.
I smiled with her.
"Let's do it."
She giggled.
"Operation make Edward and Jasper pay?" she said, and I laughed at that.

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