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*Alice's POV*

It was fun watching Emmett and Jasper trying to catch Bella. And they never once got close.
Carlisle's cell phone went off and he answered it.
"Hello?" I heard him ask, and then he went away and I became mais focused on the 'catch Bella' game.
Carlisle came back with a bright smile on his face and I was instantly curious, which Jasper picked up on from across the yard.
"Everyone, we have guests coming over," Carlisle announced, and they stopped their game to come inside.
I took Bella upstairs with me so she didn't get to hear who was coming - it was our extended family, the Denali Clan.
"Alice? Is this really necessary?" Bella asked me as I told her to get dressed.
"Yes Bella, now hurry and get dressed!" I rushed, they would be here any minute. . .

"Bella! Come on!" I yelled, everyone was already downstairs waiting for the Denali's to show up. Edward waited with me at the bottom of the stairs.
Then Bella appeared at the topo, início and Edward's mouth dropped and his eyes grew wide. I couldn't help but giggle. She was wearing a deep blue dress since the blue compliments her skin best, and it had thin straps that tied behind her neck so it was practically backless, and the dress flowed in ruffles down to her knees. And then I made her wear blue high-heels to match. Her hair was curlier and flowed down to her hips naturally. But I did put make-up on her. . . even though she didn't really need it. . .
"Bella. . . you look beautiful," Edward said, which made Bella smile and she ghosted down the staircase and stopped in front of him.
"Thank you," she said as they locked their hands together - interlacing their fingers.
"No need to thank me," Edward said as he leaned in and gave her a soft, sweet, kiss.
Everyone was watching them and I could tell that Esme was beaming with joy and happiness at seeing them so in love, and that Carlisle was happy to see his son not alone anymore. . . that Bella wasn't alone anymore. . .
Abruptly, I had a vision of the Denali's walking in real soon.
"Okay, they're about to walk in, so everyone get ready!" I said as soon as I came out of the vision.
Carlisle went to the door while I went to stand seguinte to Jasper - leaving Bella and Edward to themselves as they still held hands.
Then there was a knock at the door and Carlisle quickly answered it.
"Tanya! It's so good to see you," Carlisle greeted, hugging her.
Bella gasped, and then all of the Denali's came in.
"Tanya?" she asked, and we all looked at Bella who was shocked. That's funny, did she know them?
"Bella?" Tanya said, standing there with her mouth gaping open like a fish.
"Ohmygosh it's Bella!" Kate yelled, and then all of them ran and hugged Bella.
"Uh. . . what did we miss?" Emmett asked, wearing his big goofy grin.
But I was confused, how come I didn't see this!
They stopped hugging and Bella looked at us.
"I met the Denali's about a ano atrás while I was traveling in Alaska. They helped me out and let me live with them." Bella explained, and she looked so happy. . .
"I just can't believe it's you!" Carmen said, overjoyed.
She squeezed Bella into another hug, and I smiled.
"You have to tell us the whole story!" I said when they stopped.
Bella looked at me and Carlisle signaled for us to sit in the living room. She told us the story, and told the Denali's how we all met, and afterwards they started talking about what all they done while Bella lived with them.
"That was so funny," Bella giggled.
"I know! And we didn't even mean to really!" Kate giggled with her.
"You guys so pushed me in!" Irina growled.
"You were soaked!" Tanya said, also giggling.
If you're wondering what their talking about then I'll answer! They're still telling stories of what all they did in the past, such as "accidentally" pushing Irina into a lake and getting her soaked.
We were all smiling because of how happy Bella looked. . . especially Edward. He was grinning so widely at Bella's laugh that I thought his face might break.
"It's a shame, though, that your white capa was ruined. . ." Tanya said, thinking back.
"It was so pretty. . ." Carmen whispered.
"Yeah, it was a very durable outfit too. It served me many, many years. . ." Bella said, obviously drifting off.
"What white cloak?" I asked curiousily.
Bella looked at me and then reached into her bag and pulled out a sketch book. It seemed a little worn-out and it was a dark brown. She turned to a page and then handed it to me.
There, drawn to perfection on the white sheet, was an unimagineable realistic and livid white hooded cloak. I could see every detail. It was long and ended just above the ankles; it dividido, dividir down the middle, beneath the torso area, and it tied in the chest area. The sleeves ended with a silver band just a little below her elbows and then a long and flowing white sleeve flowed out, and I could imagine the sleeves twirling all around her as she fought or even moved. She had black pants on underneath with her usual boots that housed her two silver dagger knives. You could tell it was made for combat, Bella-style. It made me sad to think that this beautiful outfit she use to wear no longer exists. And then I had a brilliant idea.
"Let's re-make it!" I jumped up, surprising everyone with my sudden enthusiasm.

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