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Amaranth was a pretty likable person . . . But why did she seem so . . . familiar to me? She told me she had moved here from Minnesota, so there's no way I know her . . .
We were in fact opposites, but that's probably why we get along so well together. Opposites do attract they say . . .
"So I heard you have a baby," she said as we walked to the cafeteria, no doubt Edward and Alice are waiting up for us in there.
"Uh . . . yeah, but she's not mine. She's my baby cousin and I have custody over her since her parents died," I explained.
"Oh okay! So what's her name?" she asked.
I smiled.
"Alana," I answered, suddenly missing her.
"Aww, that's so cute! Can I come over and meet her?"
"Um, well I have someone babysitting her . . . but I'll bring her back to my house and you can meet me there," I said.
"Okay! Oh, and I heard that you have a hot boyfriend too . . . what was his name again? Edward Cullen?"
"Yeah, that's him," I said, smiling at the fact that everyone says he's my 'hot' boyfriend when I never think of him as 'hot' or even boyfriend . . . he was mais than that.
We walked into the cafeteria then, and everyone was staring at us . . . great. Amaranth seemed unfazed por it, unlike myself, and just started filling her lunch tray while I did the same.
Edward and Alice were already sitting at a mesa, tabela with Angela and Ben. Alice was talking away and Edward met my eyes and smiled his crooked grin. I sat down beside him and he wrapped his marble arm around my waist - pulling me to him - and he softly kissed my forehead.
I sighed, my coração naturally beating faster whenever he touches me, even the lightest of touches . . .
I saw everyone staring up at the still standing Amaranth, she was fidgeting a little and I had the sudden urge to protect her, though I have no idea why I would; I just do.
"This is Amaranth Stone, she just moved here," I introduced and Alice smiled invitingly.
"Hi! I'm Alice Cullen," Alice held out her hand in a friendly manner. Amaranth smiled back and shook her hand.
"And I'm Angela Weber, and this is my boyfriend, Ben Cheney." Angela introduced, all of them shaking hands with bright smiles on their faces.
"It's nice to meet you!" Amaranth said.
"I'm Edward Cullen, Alice's brother," Edward said, giving her a curt nod.
I saw Amaranth wiggle her eyebrows at me before sitting down beside me and I had to stifle the sudden giggle that threatened to come up. I suddenly just felt like cutting up and laughing with Amaranth, and I really didn't understand why.
Alice sat in front of Amaranth, Angela in front of me, and Ben in front of Edward. I had a feeling that this would end up as our seating arrangement from now on.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So what do you think of Amaranth?" I asked Edward on the way back to his house.
It was now after school and I was in the car with Edward and Alice since my truck was parked at their house where I had left it this morning. Amaranth was going to meet me at my house at five this evening.
"She's very . . . lively," Edward said, gazing out into the road ahead of us.
"Well I think she's great!" Alice piped up from the backseat, and her response was no surprise. Alice and Amaranth seemed to hit it off right when Amaranth sat down. They talked about shopping, cosmetics, and all of the latest fashion trends . . . At least Alice would have a willing shopping buddy now . . .
We pulled up to the Cullen house no sooner than to be expected por Edward's driving. I was both anxious and excited to see my Alana and hold her in my arms.
Edward could hear my quickening coração and he began to slowly stroke my hand that was in his.
When we walked in, I heard Dora: The Explorer, Alana's favorito TV show.
"Look who's back!" Rosalie said to Alana who was snuggled into her lap.
Alana saw me and her blue eyes grew big and she started reaching for me.
I grinned and quickly scooped her into my arms. Her warmth seemed even mais radiant, but that's probably only because i missed her so much.
"Hey Lala," I crooned as I held her close to me.
She started humming and making baby noises as she sniffed of my hair she was playing with. She became so relaxed in my arms that it pulled me out of what was going on around me . . . like I was pulled into the seguro haven of my mind, reality was non-existent.
And then I was pulled back to reality, as quickly as it disappeared.
"Bella, I made some treats for you, Charlie, and Alana." Esme told me, coming from the cozinha with her loving smile plastered on her face.
"Thank you, and thank you for keeping her for me," I said, and they all smiled.
"Your welcome Bella," Esme said.
"And we can watch her again for you tomorrow if you want," Rose said, her eyes lit.
I smiled at her.
"Okay, I'm sure Lala would like that too," I smiled down at my little angel who stared back up at me with a smile.
I sat in the living room with the Cullens for a little bit. Just talking and then when Carlisle came início from the hospital, he joined in our conversation until I had to leave to fix jantar for Charlie.
Edward walked me to my truck and promised to be at my house when Charlie started snoring.
When I got home, I put Alana in her highchair while I started making bife and potatoes - one of Charlie's favorite, and I knew Alana really liked the mashed potatoes.
"Hey Bells!" Charlie greeted as he came in.
"Hey Dad," I said, setting the table.
"That smells good," Charlie commented and then started telling me how his dia went while I started sonhar acordado about Edward . . .
And then I suddenly came to a conclusion, a sort of epiphany I guess. Did I still want to become a vampire? To be apart of Edward's world . . . forever? The answer to that was yes, but . . . What about Alana? Would I still be able to care for her as a vampire? As a baby she probably wouldn't notice my non-aging . . . but what about when she's older? Would I have to tell her the truth? Or maybe just give her away to someone else . . . maybe Angela . . . And then a sudden ache ripped through my heart. I could never abandon her, I would never abandon her.
In a way, she already had me tied around her little finger in an irrevocable way.

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