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The fans pick: Yes!
The fans pick: #4
The fans pick: Series 2
The fans pick: Donna Noble
The fans pick: Amy Pond
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big smile
no1drwhofan said …
Yipee! Dedicated Fan!!!!!! <3 <3
I amor Doc/Rose!!!!! <3 <3 Posted over a year ago
dacastinson commented…
Congrats! I can't wait to get mine :) Do you know who made this spot? I think we could use a new ícone :) over a year ago
no1drwhofan commented…
Lamentably, I don't. :( Oh, and thank you!!!!! :D over a year ago
no1drwhofan said …
I amor this couple! The beauty of their romance was that they kept it discreet and of low-profile. Unlike Grace Holloway and the Eighth Doctor. Eugh! Posted over a year ago
EvilPears commented…
I watched " Doctor Who The Movie" the other dia and realised why it got cancelled. Lucky for Doctor Who fans, Russel T. Davies got it back to it's roots. over a year ago
tamilnna said …
wow this is boring i am not talking to my cousin in the pone her name is thebiniascha she has a page too???(: Posted over a year ago
tamilnna commented…
oh my bad her name is thebiniasha over a year ago
tamilnna commented…
she is in my page in it too>>>>>>>>>>>>): over a year ago
tamilnna commented…
you could look at it over a year ago