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Emmett's POV
Everything was normal again. We lived happily with each other. I was mais than happy with having Rose por my side again. I could never explain what kind of feeling she gave me. She brought light with her, because without her I was dark.

There was just one thing, the volturi was still mad with the fact that I killed Jane. Soon we will meet each other again and I didn't wanted to see them. I was afraid that something was going to happen to Rosalie. The lobos helped us and I was glad with that. But before the volturi would come again, we were enjoying each other.

'Emmett?' I turned my head and faced Bella who looked nervous at me.

'What's up, Bell?' I answered her. 'How was shopping?' I stood up. 'Where's Rosalie?'

'She is dragging the bags with Alice from the car inside the house. I wanted to ask you something,' Bella said. 'I...'

'Mom, you're back!' Renesmee interrupted her mother. She ran over to her mother who hugged her tightly and kissed her head.

'Yes, darling,' Bella said. 'Where's Jake?' she looked around. She lifted her daughter in her arms easily.

'He's in La Push with his friends,' Renesmee explained her mother. Bella nodded and gave her a kiss on her head again before putting Nessie on her feet again.

'What did you wanted to ask, Bella?' I asked my little sister curious.

'Well,' Bella sighed. 'I hate the jokes Em, there really annoying. It's something private, did you hear me complaining about Rose and you?'

I laughed my booming laugh. 'Is that all? I thought it was something bad. But they're just jokes. And Bella, did you remember our deal? Did you hear me ever complain when you beat me?'

'Edward!' Bella suddenly screeched. Edward was immediately por her side. He wrapped his arms around Bella. 'Edward, Emmett is annoying. He won't stop with his stupid jokes!'

Edward glared at me. 'Grow up, Emmett,' he hissed at me. 'Stop it, they aren't funny.'

'Come on, don't be so rediculous,' I chuckled.'Go cheer each other up in your cottage. But take care of it, before Renesmee doesn't have a início anymore,' I laughed out loud at my joke and walked out of the room, to Rosalie who was in the garage. I ignored Edward's growl and Bella's hiss.

'You did WHAT?' I suddenly heard Alice scream. 'Jasper, how could you! They were my favorito pair!'

I walked into the garagem and saw Alice yelling at Jasper. That was something that rarely happened. Jasper's hands covered his ears while he jumped back from his wife who seemed furious.

'I'm sorry, honey. I didn't meant it to break them!' Jasper whined. 'Please, honey,' he wanted to hug Alice but she smacked his arms away.

'I don't care, Jasper! This is the third time in two weeks! Why do you have to wrestle with Edward in our room?' Alice tapped impatiently with her toes on the ground, with her hands on her hip.

'Are you still fighting?' Rosalie came with a annoyed face in the garage. She saw me and smiled. 'Hi, Em!' she came over and hugged my tightly. I wrapped my arms around her waist while hers where around my neck.

'What's wrong with them?' I whispered in her ear. She giggled and kissed my cheek.

'Jasper broke Alice's favorito shoes. And you know. Alice and fashion...' Rosalie whispered quietly in my ear. I chuckled in response.

'First, you're going to pay for them. Second, you're going on a shopping trip with me for three days. And third, no wrestling for you for a month!' Alice snapped at Jasper.

'No wrestle? Shopping trip? Three days? Alice!' Jasper moaned in frustration. 'I never thought you could be that mean! It were just shoes!'

Rosalie unwrapped quickly her arms around me and ran quickly towards Alice. Holding her from attacking Jasper. Wait... Alice attacking Jasper? What was happening? This was something new.

'Alice, Alice calm down!' Rosalie tried to calm Alice down but Alice was furious at Jasper. Something was going on. Okay, Alice cares allot about her clothes, but she would never attack Jasper.

Alice growled like an animel at Jasper and tried to escape from Rosalie's grip. 'Let me go!' she growled at Rosalie and she tried to lung for Jasper's throat. Who stood there as frozen.

'Alice... Alice what's going on?' Jasper whispered softly. He stepped slowly closer. 'Alice it's me,' he reached his hand to hers but Alice flinched and growled to him. She tried to reach him to bite him.

Suddenly Alice pushed Rosalie against the wall, not hard enough to break it, but hard enough to make the house shiver. My protective side took over and I pinned the furious Alice against the wall.

'Alice!' the others were not in the garagem too. Edward and Carlisle took Alice from me over and I said to Jasper that it's better that he left to his room or something. He nodded slowly. I never saw him so desperate. I sighed and walked quickly towards Rosalie who stood up.

'Baby, are you all right?' I asked her gentle. I stroke her hair from her face. She looked up at me and suddenly burried her head in my chest.

'She pushed me away, Emmett. She pushed my against a wall,' Rosalie whispered upset to me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head.

'It's okay, there's something wrong with Alice. Don't be upset my love,' I brushed my fingers through her hair. I hated to see her upset like this.

'What did I do?' Alice suddenly cried. 'How could I hurt Jasper and Rosalie like this?' Alice started to dry sob.

Carlisle shared a glance with Esme. 'Something is wrong,' he said. 'Alice come with me, I want to do some tests if you don't mind,' Alice only nodded and walked with a sad face with Carlisle away.

'Rose, are you okay?' Esme asked my wife. Rosalie nodded and smiled. 'Oh, dear, don't be mad at Alice. It isn't her fault,' she took Rosalie from my arms and hugged her.

'I know,' Rosalie said. I was glad she wasn't upset anymore. I smiled at her and my smile became even wider when she smiled back at me.

'What are you doing here?' we heard a voice suddenly screaming from upstairs. Alice! 'JASPER I KILL YOU!'
Emmett's POV
'Babe, I'm going to hunt!' I called from downstairs. Rosalie was asusual playing barbie Bella with Alice. Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Jasper were already gone, I would follow them.

'Okay!' I heared her answering me. I heared her giggle from upstairs.

'Okay, I'm going now,' I tried to have attention. She didn't even gave me a "goodbye-kiss" like she always does.

'Okay, Em. Bye!' I heared her again. 'No, that suits her better,' I heared her say to someone.

'Okay, I'm going. Bye honey!' I called back at her. She was good.

'Bye Emmett!' I heared Rosalie's voice. She seemed...
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Emmett's POV
How was I going to say this to Rosalie? Edward and Jasper were right, she can't go with us. It'll be too dangerous for her. But breaking her heart... Are they insane? I want to see Edward break Bella's coração or Jasper Alice's heart. Oh wait, Edward broke already Bella's, a few years ago. But I can't do that, not to my Angel. She don't deserve that. But did she deserve danger?

I wanted to protect her. And if this was the only way, then it should be. Edward was going tot talk to Bella and he and Jasper were going to wait for me a few miles further.

I sighed deeply before...
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It was a normal day. Emmett and I were a mês together now. We were deeply in love, and it didn't bother me - or us - to show it to others. Like walking hand in hand on rua or through the woods. Or just beijar in the living room. Although, I felt bad for Edward that he was alone. Looking at the amor that Emmett and I shared or the amor from Carlisle and Esme. Although, they didn't open it in public like us. And what makes everything mais worse, is the fact that Edward reads mind. leitura the mind of people who are in amor while you are alone isn't fun.

But I knew that someday he will find...
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I wrote this because a lot of people misunderstand Rosalie. Especially after she called Edward in New Moon.
'How could you do that Rosalie? Do you hate Bella that much?' Emmett's voice was cold and fill with anger.

'I never wanted Bella to die! And I amor Edward, do you really think that this is what I wanted?' if I was human, the tears would running down on my face. Nobody understands me, nobody understand my feelings for Bella. I didn't hate her, I didn't wanted her dead, never.

Emmett sighed. 'Rosalie, Edward is going to the volturi, do you know what that...
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posted by TwilightLovarr
Hello everyone! I decided to write a new story, ofcourse I'm going to continue my other, but I've got a idea for this one.

The volturi wants Rosalie to cadastrar-se them. And they are able to do anything to get her. Of course Emmett would never let them, so he decided to go to the volturi with his brothers to talk to them. He know that Rosalie would never let him go. So the only option is to break her heart, the only option for her to be save.

Emmett's POV


I looked for the last time at her beautiful face. Seeing her expression broke my coração in million pieces. The...
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It was a week after Emmett's transformation. Me and Emmett were good friends. But it wasn't just a friendship for me, it was more. But I guess Emmett didn't saw more. And I understood that. I changed him, I end his life. And I had to learn to live with that. But that doesn't stop a friendship.

I was thinking when I was going to tell him my story. My past. It was hard for me, because it was a very sensitive subject for me, but he deserved it to know. Emmett didn't show any impatience. He waited until I was ready, and that's another reason from the million that I loved him. But I guess it was...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
Chapter four of Painful Memories.Longest chapter so far.Let me know how I did.
Luv ya so much for reading

xoxo bree xoxo


Jasper POV

I was sitting at the dining room table.Alice is dicussing details on thins from the vision she had of Rosalie that she just told us about.Carsile is calming down Esme, while discussing with Alice, Esme is now dry sobbing into his chest.I try to calm her with a few waves of calm I send her way.This was really taking effect on Esme.

I can now hear edward.His quiet footsteps are getting closer to the stairs.Bella is...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
Here it is.Chapter three.Special thanks to RosalieLillian who helped my writers block.Thanks so much to everyone for leitura and being supportive of Painful Memories.Hope you like this chapter :D

xoxo bree xoxo


Painful Memories

Chapter Three

Alice POV

"Alice what's wrong?What did you see?" Edward asked me.I knew he would freak if he saw my vision.I quickly started sing Brick por Boring Brick por paramore in my head.That was my favorito song por Paramore.

"Edward, It was about Rosalie" I turned to face the rest of my family and Bella."I'll tell...
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I'm going to write it a bit different, so it'll be easier and nicer to read. ;)
Emmett's POV
I heared her scream and I thought that I lost her, that I was too late. Days I searched for her, and I was so close. I can't lose her like this, can I?

What would I do if I lost her? Should I be an Edward and go to the volturi so they could kill me? Oh wait, they already died.

I can't get over her dead, never. So then I have to rip myself in pieces and burn them por myself. Wait, that's painful and... disgusting.

'Emmett, shut up!' I heared Edward behind me. Ofcourse...
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'Er... yes. To eat,' I tried to explain Emmett.

'Eat?' Emmett shook confused his head.

'Yes, eat. Do you know what that mean?' Edward made weird waved, like Emmett was dumb.

'You're going so hard down!' Emmett lunged for Edward's throat. Edward made a step to the left and Emmett grabbed in the air. He growled and tried to kill Edward again. Edward walked outside, with Emmett behind him. At least Edward thinks about Esme's house.

'You stupid mindreader,' Emmett growled. And suddenly I saw Edward flying to a tree.

'Boys, enough!' Esme yelled at them. They both growled at each other, but they didn't...
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I looked at the man on the couch, still holding his hand. He wasn't screaming anymore. The transformation was almost done. Carlisle was hovering over him, checking everything. I saw in the corner of my eye Edward. He glared at me. Normally I would return the glare, but I knew he was right. I thought of our conversation, three days ago.

'Your the most selfish person on earth,' Edward snarled at me. Carlisle and Esme went hunting, they would be back in a couple of hours. In the meantime, I was stuck with Edward. 'I hope your proud, oh wait, let me correct myself. Your always proud. What are you...
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am Rosalie Lillian Hale. Believe it or not, but I'm a vampire. And this is my story...

'I'm going to hunt,' I murmered at my so-called "parents."
Don't understand me wrong, I loved Esme and Carlisle, but I was a amargo, amarga person. After Carlisle changed me two years ago. They were so patient with me, and I was thankful with that. I just wished I could be human again, I wished to be normal.
I looked in the mirror, at the beautiful woman. I was beautiful, but it was my beauty what made me a monster. I was vain, selfish and bitter. It was my beauty's fault that I was this.

I didn't wait for a response...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
Painful Memories
Chapter 2

Emmett’s POV

Okay here is Chapter Two it has Emmett and Bellas POV.Hope you like it *crosses fingers*

This was driving me crazy. I know Rose is all upset about telling me her story or whatever, but she keeps taking deep breathes to stall and it just bugs me. It hurts me to see my angel like this. In so much pain because of what happened to her during her human life.

“Emmett if I tell you, please promise not to get angry and overprotective of me.” She began “The people who did this are dead now. I killed them. So getting angry at them for what happened makes...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
Painful Memories
Chapter One

Rosalie POV

I was sitting at my vanity. I started brushing my long golden waves. I was preparing myself. I knew Edward would be início soon. Charlie had Edward leave every night at a certain time. Of course Edward would just go back once Charlie was asleep. He chose to go to Bella’s house every night. When he came início it was always Bella this and Bella that. It got to the point that every sentence he ever said anymore had something to do with her.

What is so great about her? She’s nothing but a fragile little human. Anyway I knew I only had a short time for my...
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Emmett's POV
Like I said before, it was a endless nightmare. So close por the end, and then you start all over again.
The days flyed by, and we still didn't know were my Rose was.
My soul was gone, like my other. My future was dark, dark like the night.
Not being with my soul was the most horrible thing what could happen to me. I felt empty. I was empty. I mean, how could you live with one half? How could you live without your heart? Rose was my heart, the reason I excist.

'This is Rio Blanco, I worked here years ago, before I changed Edward. You have to look out,...
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Rosalie's POV
'Hi,' she smiled a little bit and waved at me.
'Hey,' I didn't look at her. It was their fault that I was stuck in this room, why should I be polite?
She saw my anger and bit her lip for a second.
'I'm sorry,' she whispered. 'That's why I am here, to explain you the story. If you want to hear it,' she looked at me. I shrugged.
'Why not?' I slapped on the floor, so she could sit seguinte to me. She smiled a bit and sat down.
'Maybe as you already know, I'm Sophie, the wife of Joshua,' she said.
I nodded.
'I know Joshua for a while. It's a great guy,' she smiled...
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Rosalie's POV
End of chapter eight:
'Hey, come back! If I'll get you!' I heared Joshua screaming after me. He was behind me, I tried to run faster but I couldn't. I didn't know if I was going to make it, and I heared Joshua come closer to me, I swallowed por the thought that if he would catch me, I wouldn't end well. But I pushed that thought of me, I was doing something mais important.
I was running for my life.

Chapter eleven:

I was stuck in a room, a dark small room, with no windows, no light, no colors, no nothing.
It was horrible. I didn't know what time it was, dia or...
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Emmett's POV
We were running towards South America, towards Salvador. After the call, I knew we had to find my Rose soon before...
And after the segundo call, I felt hope.
We were lucky, Carlisle knew this place, so after a few hours we were there.
I looked with wonder around me, it was a nice place. The sun was shining and there was a beautiful beach, with a beautiful ocean, with beautiful trees. They remind me of Rosalie. After a moment I gasped.
'What's wrong, Emmett?' Edward asked me immediately.
'The sun,' I whispered. That was enough to understand...
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Rosalie's POV
After a few hours the door flyes open. It was Joshua who stood in front of me. I was directly on my feet. I didn't like this guy, I was even afraid of him.
'We have to go, now,' he snapped through his teeth. I frowned and looked with shock at him.
'W...what do you mean?' I asked in a low voice.
'That doesn't matter!' He snapped at me.
'Well it does?' I screeched at him. I was furious at him. Who did he thought he was? 'I'm not going to listen to you!'
He stepped closer to me. He looked angry. 'What did you say?' he asked quitly to me.
'I'm not going...
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Rosalie's POV
I was sitting on the ground, thinking about everything.
First: I was stuck in this room, with guards around, so I couldn't escape. I tried everything, even... well, even trying to temp them. One of them almost believed me, but then the other came in and warned him.
Second: I wondered why Joshua and Jason are doing this to me. I tried everything to let them say it but Joshua wasn't in the mood for that. When was he? And Jason, I liked him, he was nice but he don't want to tell it.
Third: I missed my family, I was wondering what they were doing. I missed my lovely...
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