Ron buried his head in his hands. Why didn't Hermione just listen when I said that we should go to St Mungos? he thought. Her screams pierced his heart, sharper than swords piercing the flesh.
"Ron!" he looked up and saw Harry and Ginny running towards him. Ginny enveloped him into a tight hug "Its going to okay Ron. Hermione will be okay." He wanted to cry, he wanted to scream. The only time Hermione screamed like this was when..
He tried not to think about it. Harry sat seguinte to him and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze.
His parents; Molly and Arthur arrived next. Molly burst into tears and hugged him no mais like squeezed the living juices out of him. "My little Ronniekins is becoming a daddy." she said.
Ron who would have said "Mum stop," did not say a word.
As Arthur was reassuring him, in came Hermione's parents.
"Hows my Hermione doing?" asked Mrs Granger.
Ron wanted to yell "I BLOODY DON'T KNOW! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M WORRIED?" but could somehow not manage to let the words come out.
What seemed like hours passed, Hermione had stopped screaming. Ron looked up, his red hair wild. A doctor came out and beckoned to Ron.
"Is Hermione alright is she okay? What did you do to her?" he asked with a hint of anger in his voice.
"Why don't you see for yourself Mr. Weasley."
Ron hurried over to Hermione.
Brown eyes fluttered open, a small smile etched on her face. Her beautiful skin looked flushed but had an odd glow to it.
"Ron,' she whispered, "we did it."
He kissed on her on her forehead, all the while holding her right hand tightly.
The doctor arrived carrying what looked like a small rosa, -de-rosa bundle. "Congratulations." he said. "Its a girl."
Hermione took their child gently. A tuft of soft red hair peeked out from inside. Hermione kissed their child on the forehead.
"She looks exactly like you Ron. She's beautiful."
Ron gently pried the baby girl out of Hermione's arms and into his own. "Hey sweetie its daddy here. You're daddy's little mini me eh? Oh look you have mummy's nose." Hermione gave a slight laugh "Of all the things my daughter inherited. My nose!"
The new grandparents came in and as expected there was a lot of cooing and kisses being smothered on the poor baby.
"I amor the name Jemima I think its a lovely name," said Molly.
"Molly I couldn't agree with you mais but I do like the name Meredith," replied Mrs Granger.
Ron wrinkled his nose. He did not like those names at all. Hermione was also looking amused slightly agitated.
"Oh she's so beautiful. Looks just like me." Cried Ginny.
"Actually Ginny I think she's gone on Ron."
"Shut up Harry." replied Ginny.
"You know you should really name her Ginerva Jr or Virginia your choice," said Ginny.
"How about Harriet now I like that name", grinned Harry.
Ron and Hermione burst in peals of laughter while Ginny grinned.
When all the visitors left Hermione asked "What should we name our precious angel?"
Ron didn't have to think for long he already knew that as soon as he held their delicate little girl, he knew that she was his flower, his little red flower, his little Rose.
"How about Rose?" he suggested.
"Its perfect." Hermione replied.