Ron was actually shaking! Nervousness was written all over his face.
"Harry do you think they'll like me? I mean Hermione's family?"helplessness was evident in the tone of his voice. Harry simply laughed.
"Shouldn't Hermione be asking Ginny that question?Instead of you asking me?"
"Oh shut up Harry"snapped Ron, his face becoming a shade redder than his hair.
Arthur entered the room to check and make sure everything was alright.
Harry could have sworn he had never seen Ron dressed this nattily. The usual unkempt hair was brushed, his clothes were for once not stained and shoes polished until they gleamed in the sunlight that flowed into the room.
Harry though he might check on the girls, now that Ron was ready.
He strode out of the room and made his way to Ginny's room.
After a few hesitant knocks, he entered the room.
Ginny stood wearing an esmeralda green dress, Fluer who was double tasking, taking care of the wailing Dominique and trying to apply make up on Hermione was dressed in a soft rosa, -de-rosa colored dress.
Hermione and Ginny's faces lighted at the sight of Harry.
'isn't Hermione looking beautiful?' said Ginny happily.
"I must say its a change to seeing her carrying a tower of books."
The door burst open. Ron stood on the doorway apparently frozen. He looked at Hermione.
He'd never seen her like this before, the inexplicable beauty that stood before him in a snowy white wedding gown, clutching onto a bouquet of rosa, -de-rosa baby's breath hidden among a mass of pearly white roses.
"Ron,' gasped Hermione.
Ron crossed the room in two strides and embraced her.
"Ron!" Hermione's voice was sharper now, "Irs bad luck for the groom to see the bride minutos before the wedding!"
"I think we've tasted bad luck many times before now haven't we?" was Ron's casual reply.
The sound of feet coming towards the room alerted Ron, who quickly apparrated out of the room.
It was minutos before she was expected down at the aisle.
Molly entered the room.
Hermione suddenly felt very nervous.