Ron was exhausted. He had just put Rose to sleep, and that wasn't hard. All he had to say was "You're my Rosy-Posy, Rose. My little baby." And then somehow, her eyes would droop, and she would drift into slumber. But Hugo was different. Very, very different. He would just stare up at Ron with his eyes, for about, five minutes. Then, he would blink,and start the staring contest again. For Ron, this was exhausting. Hermione had saw this, and told Ron she would get Hugo to sleep from now on. Apparently, when Hermione talked to Hugo, the same thing happened when Ron talked to Rose. And, Ron figured that out in five seconds. He turned over to Hermione. "Mione, baby, are you awake?" He whispered. "I am now..." Hermione mumbled. "Sorry, but Mione, I need to talk to you." She turned over. "Ron, if you're hungry, you have to make the comida yourself." Ron laughed quietly. "Mione, I want to ask you something." Hermione's eyes grew wide. "Is something wrong with Rose?" Ron suddenly realized that he was making Hermione worried. "No, she's okay. But I was wondering.." He trailed off, embarrassed as to what he was going to say. "What happens when Rose and Hugo go off to Hogwarts?" Hermione paused. Ron could sense that she hadn't thought about that. "Well, we'll have to go through what every magical parent has to go through Ron, it's not an abnormal thing to be worried.''As usual, Hermione was being senstive again. ''Hermione, I don't think I can do it. Just give up my kids for months and months for seven years.'' Just as Ron was done talking, Hermione pulled Ron into a kiss. Ron indulged in the scent of her hair. It smelled like...wild roses...and Ron decided not to ask. Hermione pulled away from Ron, answering his pergunta again. "But Ron, do remember one thing." Ron looked up at her expectantly. ''Even when Rosie and Hugo go off to Hogwarts, we'll still have each other." And with that, Hermione and Ron fell asleep peacefully.