So the other dia I saw some awesome imagens in this club that had facts about Romione, and I thought it would be nice if they were all in one place, so here they are. I take no credit for them. I got them from imagens created por Pompeybabe, who said that she got the facts from ronhermioneotp.tumblr.
002: Hermione wasn’t sure what to call their first child, until she recalled she and Ron’s first date. He’d decorated the entire background with roses.
003: Ron always keeps the deluminator in his pocket. Just in case. He knows that Hermione will always be able to call upon him.
004: When Hermione was being tortured por Bellatrix, it was hearing Ron’s yells for her that kept her conscious.
005; Ron checks his nose for dirt every morning. It became a habit.
006: After they tried everything to remove or cover Hermione’s “mudblood” scars with failing results, Ron told her that she should wear it like a sign of her bravery and survival.
013: Krum asked Hermione to the Yule Ball three times before she said yes. She kept stalling because she hoped that Ron would ask her.
015: After Crookshanks died, Ron brought Hermione another cat (which was also ginger), and named it Otter, after her patronus.
017: While Hermione was petrified, Ron would sneak out of cama and visit her every night. Before he left, he said “Night, ‘mione”, and kissed her on the forehead.
022: When Hermione and Ron went to Australia to revive the Granger’s memories, Hermione was too emotional to do the spell, so Ron did it for her.
023: When the Triwizard Tournament returned to Hogwarts during Hugo’s 7th year, Ron asked Hermione to the Yule Ball.
025: Ron never left Hermione’s side while she was recovering at Shell cottage.
026: Ron didn’t know it, but when Hermione was being tortured por Bellatrix, she could hear Ron bellowing her name. Hearing him yelling her name was the only thing that kept her sane.
027: Ron and Hermione never really had “the talk” after the battle, they just started dating.
028: After the battle, Hermione and Ron’s segundo kiss was in Mr.Weasleys shed full of muggle junk, because it reminded her of her parents.
029: After the battle Ron and Hermione never slept in separate beds-only if Ron was away on a mission did they sleep separately. And when they did, she would wear his Weasley jumper.
030: Ron knew it was called S.P.E.W but decided to call it Spew just to pick a fight with Hermione
035: On Hermione’s engagement ring, Ron had the words “Swish and Flick” engraved.
036: Ron’s boggart changed from spiders to seeing Hermione in pain
038: As Ron was struggling to deal with Fred’s death, Hermione was the only person who could get him to talk.
039: Hermione found Ron’s copy of 12 Nail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches, and wrote little notes in the margins for him to find.
040: fred figglehorn was the only sibling that Ron confessed to about liking Hermione. He was also the only Weasley that never got to see them together.
043: Ron was the only boy that Hermione ever cried over.
044: Whenever Ron stood up for Hermione during class, she would write about it in her diary, which she later showed him.
046: Ron knew how to play piano a little but would mess up so that he could watch Hermione teach him.
047: Ron found the scarf that Hermione left for him in the forest, but it was taken por the snatchers.
048: sometimes Ron would wear the perfume that Ron gave her, just to see if he would notice
050: When Harry and Ron went to meet Malfoy for the midnight duel, Hermione only tried to stop them because she didn’t want Ron to get expelled.
053: The morning after the trio had tackled the mountain troll, it was Ron who sat seguinte to Hermione at breakfast in the great hall.
054: At Ron and Hermione’s wedding, Mr.Weasley requested that they be at the same mesa, tabela as Mr. and Mrs. Granger, explaining that he was “curious about a few topics.”
060: When Ron would invite Harry and Hermione over to the burrow in the summer, he always hoped that Hermione would arrive early.
085: when Ron got knocked out por the queen in his first ano playing the game of chess, Hermione knelt beside crying. In the end it was her gentle touch on his head and her broken voice that brought him too.
088: Down in the chamber of secrets, Ron and Hermione mad e a pact that they’d survive the battle together, or not at all.
089: Hermione smells fresh parchment in her amor potion because she is always helping Ron with homework.
102: Ron told Hermione that she could invite Victor Krum to their wedding because he knew that she never had real feelings for the quidditch player.
103: When Hermione received the perfume from Ron in fifth year, she decided to use it only on rare occasions, so as not to use it up quickly. When they began the hunt for horcruxes, she began using it mais often, just to remind herself of the happiness in the world.
115: Whenever Ron and Hermione would fight, Hermione would call Ron por his full name: Ronald Billius Weasley
124: Ron bought Hugo a new broomstick when he learned he got “wingardium leviosa” on his first try
125: The only time Ron didn’t win a chess game was the moment he realized he loved Hermione, and he couldn’t think about anything else.
131: when Hermione read the tale of the three brothers to Rose and Hugo- she made sure to say “midnight” instead of “twilight” to please Ron
135: every time Ron caught Hermione looking at her “mudblood” scar, he would take her hand and look her in the eyes, telling her how beautiful she still was.
136: at the climax of the biggest argument Ron and Hermione ever had, he left, Disapparating to the local park. He immediately Apparated back and wrapped Hermione in his arms, the incident reminding him of the night he left her and Harry.
138: Ron used Alohamora as many times as he could in front of Hermione. He never wanted to let her forget the first spell she ever taught him.
143: Whenever Ron had to work late at the ministry, Hermione would wait up for him. She couldn’t fall asleep without him seguinte to her.
154: Hermione’s parents guessed that she and Ron would get together someday when they got her first letter início from Hogwarts, complaining about a red-haired boy who teased her
159: Both Ron and Hermione realized that they had true feelings for each other in third ano when Hermione accidently grabbed Ron’s hand.
174: Ron was a little disappointed when Rose was born with red hair, because he had wanted a miniature version of Hermione.
177: Ron gave Hermione a kiss on the forehead at Shell Cottage after saving her from Bellatrix. He thought she was unconscious, but little did he know she was very much awake.
178: During the cutting of the cake at Ron and Hermione’s wedding, Ron smushed some of the cake onto Hermione’s face, then said “you’ve got cake on your nose, por the way. Did you know?”
180: While Dobby was dying in Harry’s arms, Ron couldn’t help but be distracted por the fact that he was sheltering a vulnerable Hermione in his own arms, and grateful that, if anything, she was still alive.
182: After Ron had left the tent, Hermione would wear the Weasley sweater he had left behind.
187: When Hermione came to Grimmauld place from esquiar, esqui and tells Harry not to tell Ron she was bad at it, it was because she didn’t want him to think that she was bad at anything.