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The fans pick: Katniss+Peeta
Katniss+ Peeta
Katniss+ Gale
Peeta Mellark
Finnick Odair
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4 fãs answered this question
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Roleplay Hungergames! mural

cat01 said …
amor the hunger game Posted over a year ago
meredog said …
Team Peeta all the way!!!! Posted over a year ago
no1drwhofan commented…
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 over a year ago
dooodle commented…
YEAH! over a year ago
Tailsfan99 commented…
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) over a year ago
sillygilrl911 said …
idc what u all say team Peeta ROCKS and ive got the facts 2 pove it
Posted over a year ago
AquaWolf73 commented…
whos team peeta? over a year ago
finnjakerock1 commented…
i dont know what team im on over a year ago
LILcutecupcake commented…
TEAM PEETA 4EVER! over a year ago
dooodle commented…
TEAM PEETA 4EVER MORE! over a year ago