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posted by CynthiaL
Our horse club sent 2 teams of 9-13 ano old kids, and one Individual, and the first team Got 2nd place. The others did not place, but had a good time.
We also Sent a Sr. Team, and they got 5th place.
The Jrs, were behind another team which were really good.
We were recognized for cleaning up the room we were in, and got free biscoitos, cookies YAY ^.^. Almost as good as the red ribbons, and the many individual ribbons.
Hippology combines horse judging, a bit of horse teste bowl, and knowledge of equipment, breeds, and health factors.
posted by CynthiaL
Ok the Mesquite Rodeo is Tomorrow night, and anyone with a dodge gets free parking, and 4-H kids and their family gets in for 5$. I will give coverage Sunday night perhaps, if we dont have too much fun.
The Nature Preserve in East Texas has opened up to LOCAL people. You know who you are, if you live near it
seguinte weekend is Horse judging in Waco, which is another place where Intermedete levels give reasons.
In February San Antonio has its big Rodeo, and Horse Judging/Horse Bowl Qestions. They MIGHT have Hippology, but im not sure, im just a kid.
March nothing i know of yet
April is Roundup, which means Horse Bowl time for us.
May is District Horse Judging.
June Paint World I believe.
July has nothing to do
August is the Hippology Contest (State)
That is all for now until seguinte ano or so, i wil lupdate this when i can
Horse bowl is like a game show tpye ting
Horse Judging you judge Horses
Hippology is study of horses