Forgive me for doing this artigo again if I already did it before.Enjoy

~10 Dates are important whether its going to the cinemas, going to the musuem,having jantar at a posh restaurant.

~9 Pouring your coração to someone special will make the person feel loved.(e.g por cantar to the person)

~8 Doesn’t matter what their interests are, you probably know already.

~7 You can change a person’s point of view on romance around (if it’s a cynical person you could show them mais to life and change their attitude on it).

~6 You can know a person in 3 days(like Giselle & Robert)

~5 Happily ever afters can happen in the real world too.

~4 Going to the ball is fun

~3 cantar in the park can elevar, elevação a person’s day.

~2 True love’s kiss is the most powerful thing in the world.

~1 Falling for an attorney who at first doesn’t believe in romance but por a hint of magic he changes his attitude on it.

As well as the topo, início 10 they make us want to believe that romance can happen in both worlds and that your true amor will stare right back at you and you won’t have any idea that he is the man you are suppose to be with.
pouring your coração out