ROFL this scene was hilarious as Robert pushed Giselle into his flat.
This is my opinion on Robert Philip. Hope that you will enjoy it

On his personality

Personally I rather him than Edward because his not vain, he sees life the way it is, his not a romantic man that will sweep you off your feet, he had his coração broken so many times and he has to look after his only daughter all por himself which is tough for a single parent.

On his relationship with Giselle

I actually find his relationship with Giselle cute as they are like the live action version of Eric & Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I rather her than Nancy as Nancy was all full of herself I was like what the hell is her problem she meets a guy who seems nice, she wants mais and he wants to slow it down a bit. I amor how he poured his coração out to her at the ball and he helped her with finding her so called prince(turns out her prince wasn’t really her real amor at all, it was of course Robert) and of course how he treated her like a real person and not some outcast.

On the actor who plays Robert

Ok I admit it I have a soft spot for Patrick Dempsey dunno why but there is something about him that makes me feel like he is a nice down to earth man who doesn’t give a shit what his like or whether his the worst actor in history or not he is nice. I have seen him in a few filmes and didn’t care about him at first but when I saw him in encantada I was like oh let me guess he’ll play the same bloke again and again but I was shocked to see how great he was in this movie. Family/Romantic comedies suits him better as his got this charisma thing going on as he is a kind a guy that girls would go ahw marry me whatever. Plus he was a bit funny in this movie too and a good dancer.

Favourite scenes with Robert

#1 The ballroom scene: This has to be my favourite scene with him in it hands down it was so well put together, the chorography was brilliant, and listening to Patrick Dempsey cantar for the first time was like wow that dude has a fairly good cantar voice.

#2 The that’s how you know scene: I laughed when he was looking at Giselle as if to say WTF is wrong with this woman can we walk on and just talk NOT cantar in front of millions of people in Central Park. Plus when he did that jazzy hand thing I was like Oh poor Robert the guy has low self esteem LOL.

#3 The part where Robert was fallen in amor with Giselle: I seriously loved how he was fallen for her and how he was the one to break the deep sleep spell. Honestly I loved how he changed from being a boring man who rarely smiles to a knight in shining armour. You gotta amor that sappy ending. Cute.

#4 The arguing scene: I like this scene because Robert was about to kiss Giselle but didn’t and he was looking at her as if to say oi don’t talk to me like that I am a lawyer NOT you ROFL.
Another LOl scene where Giselle made a dress out of Robert's curtains
Loved this scene
Ahw the restaurant scene was so cute.
My favourite scene where Robert poured his coração out to Giselle
Another cute moment
Loved the ending