Riley Biers
I stared down at the poor victim of our latest crime. He was screaming in agony and it put my teeth on edge. Hearing his pain was bringing back the muddled memories of my unfortunate end. Well... It was unfortunate in a way... I'm not allowed to see my family or friends anymore... But, I did gain something... Victoria.
Speaking of which, I gazed over at her. Her face was expressionless, so it was hard to tell what her thoughts were at the moment. Was she feeling regret? Sadness? Happiness? Is what she's feelings now, what she felt when I was being changed...?
I could stand here questioning all of this in my head, continuing to hear his pitiful screams, or I could get out of here for some alone-time.
"I'm going to go outside and clear my head for awhile, kay?"
She gave me a curt nod, still staring at the victim. "Don't take too long. He'll be unconscious soon and I want you to be here when he wakes up. He must know nothing of my prescence."
I left without reply and took a deep breath of fresh Seattle air. Not that it made any difference or gave me any comfort. Oxygen was irrelevant to my survival now. I hadn't fed for quite some time, so I decided to go and clean Seattle of two unimportant residents.
After taking my fill and disposing of the evidence, I returned to Victoria. She looked at me, leaning in the door frame. "You arrived just in time. I believe he's going to wake soon. I'll be out hunting. I want you to give him the run-down of what he is... What he needs to do... The rules... And the consequences if he doesn't obey. Okay?"
Wow, seems like a lot. "I can manage."
"Good," she took a step out of the door and left. Her eyes were pretty dark... I guess I won't be seeing her any time soon.
The sun rose and I guessed that Victoria must be a pro hunter if she can catch her prey in broad daylight - without being caught.
It took about thirty minutos or so, but he finally stirred and awoke to his new surroundings. I stared down at him from a distance, sitting on the stairs. He looked around, probably wondering where he was and why he was here. I flashed back to when I was in his position. He must be in a large maze of confusion... I decided not to startle him and make my appearance abruptly, but to let him adjust and then smoothly let him know of my presence.
He stood up and I quietly went down the stairs, purposely putting myself in his line of view. His eyes snapped towards me and I gave a half smile towards him. "Hello, Diego."
"Wh-who are you?" He stuttered.
I grinned and took a confident step forward. "I-I'm Riley."
He noticed that I was making fun of his wimpish stuttering, so he cleared his throat and replied, "What do you want? Where am I?"
I held my palms up to reassure him. "I don't want anything. Not yet. Just stay put and don't even think about leaving. All your perguntas will soon be answered. Stay here."
He nodded and continued to look around. I went outside and grabbed an unconscious human from the back. Victoria had left this and I knew why. I could smell it immediately as it entered into the perimeter.
I returned inside and threw the carcass so it slid right in front of him. I saw his expression change and he immediately lunged for the kill. I watched and waited until he had drunk his fill.
This was the first of our little army. Soon, I'll be bringing in multiple ones at a time. But Victoria knew that I would need some practice first. If I get this right, then she'll allow me to step up to the seguinte level.
After sucking the human dry, he gasped and leapt back. Allowing what he had just done to sink in, I explained everything Victoria told me to tell - excluding the Volturi, being able to live in the sunlight, the reason we created him, and especially... Victoria.
He was still in a lot of shock, and he was sure to let me know of this. "I can't believe this... vampiros don't exist! I never believed in such a thing."
"Well, you better start believing, pal." I smirked. "Because you're living the fantasy."
"How is this even possible?" He exclaimed.
I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Just calm down, okay? Don't even think about it anymore. You are what you are. As a matter of fact, don't even do any thinking. Do you understand? Leave the thinking to me."
He nodded, gripping his throat. I motioned for him to sit at the table. "I'm going to leave. I know that the sun is up, but like I said, don't think about it. I'm experienced enough to dodge sunlight, unlike you. Just sit tight. I'll bring you another kill so you can be satisfied. Don't. Go. Anywhere."
I left without another word, and picked up Victoria's trail. Following it, I found her in a very secluded area, she was leaning against the mural of a building. "Hey," I said.
She gazed over at me, "How is our little friend doing?"
"He's doing just fine," I said. "But, he's still a little shaken up. I was just about to get him another kill when I picked up your trail. Is there anything you need me to do?"
"No," she declined. "But, I found another house."
"Why would we need another house?" I questioned.
"We need another house for me. I can't stay where the newborns will be staying."
"That's true," I countered. "Well, can you give me the address?"
She turned around and tore a piece of paper out of the phonebook behind her. "Here."
"Thanks, and is this where I'll meet you with the new recruits later this evening?"
She nodded, "Yes, that's it."
I put it in my pocket. "Okay, see you later."
I returned with the kill for Diego and he fell on it hungrily. I didn't watch him, but stepped towards the window.
After he finished his grisly meal, I said, "I'm sure you have a lot of perguntas for me."
"Hell yeah I do. Will it ever be the same again?"
"My life. Will I be like this forever?"
"Of course you will. That's a stupid question. Being a vampire isn't something you take and return like a video rental."
"Oh..." He said with concern.
I sighed and looked over at him, softening my tone. "Look, I'm sorry that you may not be happy with your new life. I didn't mean to be snappy. Let's start over, okay?" I held out my hand, "My name's Riley. What's yours?"
He shook my hand cautiously, "My name's Diego."
"Nice to meet you, Diego." I replied.
We talked for a long while, and I learned many things about him, just like how he learned things about me. He was very intelligent, and I could tell that when the ranks started pouring in, he'd be one that I'd like to consider as a leader. He had leader-like qualities. I couldn't have guessed otherwise, judging por the way he was taking on multiple guys por himself with only one gun.
It was soon dark and I got up from the table, "I'm going out to bring some new friends. Stay here. There's a working televisão upstairs, so make yourself at home. I'll be back soon."
He nodded, "Okay, see ya, Riley."
I left into the black night. The city lights were easily visible, as always. I decided to check out the dregs and find some possible victims there. I was very close to the coast. Making my circuit through the city, I found many humans that fit the bill. It was very simple to knock them unconscious and drag them into a vehicle that I soon roubou for my benefit.
The address that Victoria gave me was very close by, and I dropped the bodies off there. She would change them, I would wait until they were unconscious again, and I would take them back to the house. It was all very methodical and systematic. It wasn't very tiring though. Being a vampire, I didn't get tired at all.
A mês or so passed, nothing really changing. Every night I would leave and do my rounds. I would always be explaining what they were and all the details that I'd given Diego.
It soon got to the point that I didn't have time to bring them kills, so I let them out like wild hounds to make their own kills during the night in shifts. I couldn't let them all out every night. Before taking their leave, I would always give them the same admonishment.
"Before you all go, I want you all to make a solemn vow that you will keep a low profile. I don't want the media catching a single whiff of what our business is or what we are. Only hunt the dregs, and nothing more. I don't want important people that are well known to families and companies to suddenly disappear. Got it?"
Oh sure, they'd all give a few nods and 'yes Riley's.' But, every time, I would always see some kind of newspaper that displayed their actions, and I would end up ripping off someone's arm or leg and giving a lecture. Over and over again. But that isn't the thing that pisses me off the most.
What really makes me upset is when they let their anger get out of control and kill eachother. Many nights, I've come início to find a guttering billow of smoke rising from the house and the remains of some vampire within. In some occasions, the house had actually burnt down and I would have to find another replacement. This was our fifth house so far.
Diego, my first recruit, never gave me trouble. I knew he wouldn't.
After giving another lecture and letting a shift out into the night, I went to find mais recruits. All I wore was a black, zip-up hoodie with a T-shirt and some jeans. Very casual.
I put on my capuz, capa and started walking down the side-walk, minding my own business and trying to look like I was taking a midnight stroll. As I turned the corner, I entered into a lurid and eerie alley-way. I saw some black figures at the end of the alley. They were leaning on the sides of the buildings, smoking. I thought they were older until I got a closer look. They were teenagers, but one stood out from all the rest.
He was larger and heavier built. por the way he was glaring at me, I knew I was going to have some trouble with these guys. Then, a realization hit me. Could these men be the ones who tried stealing my wallet when Victoria rescued me?
There was three of them. One was blond and the other two were dark-haired. One of them called to me, "What are you looking at?"
I stopped in the middle of the alley-way, hands at my sides.
The large one stepped up, "I said," he bellowed. "What are you looking at?"
The other dark-haired one stepped progressivo, para a frente as well. "Yeah, you show him, Raoul!"
The large one, named Raoul, was very close to me now. He was standing right in front of me. I rolled my eyes under my hood.
"Shut up, Kevin!" He shouted. "I'm about to show this piece of trash what happens to those who look at me the wrong way!"
Wow, this guy needs some major anger-management. I saw him pull his fist back. I didn't want to start any trouble. Heck, I was even gonna let these guys live. I gave a low chuckle. Too bad, so sad... I smiled in anticipation.


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