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A bit of an update on the streams (this will be posted on the fórum too)

So sorry about the lack of streams lately. Between trying to coordinate schedules with people and actually finding time with my boyfriend and oldest sister and all, I havent actually been able to fit in the Saturday streams. I will likely go back to them when I get back to college and theyd probably stay consistent for at least the first few weeks.

I might try to make Sunday 4PM PST work but I can't necessarily promise anything since that is dependent on how many of the core members for DRAE can come and which cant, and if enough cant, I mgiht play a different game like Quiplash to chill over or something if we have enough people then, if not I might find a different game

To be honest though, it mainly hinges on if my house is behaving somewhat normal for once because lately theyve been rioting randomly and thatd be bad for stream cos Im início and.... yall have heard about what my início is like XD
Oh yeah if you can make Sunday tell me
Riku114 posted faz 5 meses
 Riku114 posted faz 5 meses
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