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Riku114 said …
Fun fact, I loose a lot of my main manners of maintaining functionability when I loose the ability to listen to música with headphones or earbuds. Posted faz 1 dia
Riku114 said …
Honestly people are getting concerned with how overworked I am and quite honestly, so am I since even my physical body is trying to shut me down with migraines, headaches, and shooting stabbing pains randomly for literally no reason.

I would amor to take a break but really theres no o espaço for one. To take a break would just triple the stress on a later day.

And quite honestly, I dont know the seguinte time Ill actually get a real break anytime soon so... Posted faz 3 dias
wantadog said …
I also think I am relating to Ukyo alot mais than I used to. I can see how that would drive him insane. Posted faz 4 dias