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The fans pick: Some of my real life friends.
The fans pick: Only in certain clubs.
The fans pick: Of course :) my friends are here.
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Riku114 said …
Honestly shocked and disgusted with people. Posted faz 1 hora
Riku114 commented…
Major faith in humanity and friends lost faz 1 hora
Riku114 commented…
Seriously anyone who thinks thats funny and okay is disgusting as hell faz 1 hora
Riku114 commented…
And can LITERALLY get the FUCK off my club faz 1 hora
Riku114 said …
One a segundo note, Im incredibly disgusted, sickened and pissed off with people from my band cos one of my band children and his family had a small song bird fly into their house and instead of saving it (even when it was easy to save and grab) they decided to FILM the gatos hunting and killing it while finding a shit ton of amusement out of it.

One kid was like "Oh should we grab the hat (that it was sitting on)?" and then the mom owuld be like "No let it hunt" and everyone had cameras Posted faz 1 hora
Riku114 commented…
Like... are they REALLY finding amusement in watching a helpless bird get killed por a cat that PROBABLY wont even actually eat it? Seriously? I mean its KINDA okay if it did because círculo of life, and honestly, I wouldnt mind that bad if they filmed it or something. Because oi maybe its an idea of recording nature and shit. Like a snake eating a rato or whatever. But the commentary PISSED me off. "Oh let it hunt" "Oh lets watch it" "Oh look it got killed lol" faz 1 hora
Riku114 commented…
And of the 36 people that liked it, only one bothered to comment "Why didnt you save it? ;-;" while everyone else either didnt care or found it funny as well faz 1 hora
Riku114 commented…
wooooow deleted my comment faz 1 hora
Riku114 said …
On one note, its Lucys birthday today and he got all sorts of toys and has been cantar all dia like he knows it is his birthday and its great.

Im glad to have such a wonderful bird in my life...... BUT Posted faz 1 hora