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Riku114 said …
Honestly Yandere Dev is miserable and I stopped being a supporter cause I kinda gave up on the fact his project would be completed but honestly I might go back to supporting him more. Or at least giving his thing a segundo chance. I kinda felt bad before but at least hes aware and working on things. Posted faz 5 horas
Riku114 said …
Ugh. When you are here trying to keep a decent sleep schedule and your roommate wont get off the phone on a school night at 1:30 AM after you asked nicely at 1:00 AM and just passive aggressively asked again. Posted faz 1 dia
JetBlack__ commented…
Why not use ear plugs? faz 16 horas
Riku114 commented…
Cos I couldnt sleep with earplugs faz 15 horas
Riku114 said …
I could honestly live with only birds and my boyfriend and I would be happpppy. Posted faz 1 dia
Riku114 commented…
I want my flock back ;-; faz 1 dia